3 pumpkin mash recipes to brighten up the dinner plate


Add a splash of colour to your family dinner with these delicious pumpkin mash recipes.

Looking for something a little more exciting than mashed potatoes? It’s time we revolutionised the side-dish options for the feast you’re preparing for your guests. Why not add a splash of colour and creamy, flavourful goodness to the table with a delicious pumpkin mash?

The options are endless: from blending your pumpkin with a variety of potatoes and other vegetables, to adding a careful mix of spices and well-paired flavours into the mash, you’re sure to find the perfect combination amongst our favourite pumpkin mash recipes:

  1. Sophisticated Sage and Pumpkin Mash

Make any meal sing with a side of this delicious sweet pumpkin and creamy sage mash. With potato to bulk it up, and a dash of garlic to keep people coming back for more, the flavours of the sage cut through and complement the warm pumpkin with ease.

2kg peeled pumpkin (chopped)

1 peeled potato (chopped)

1/3 cup sour cream

40g butter

2 garlic cloves (crushed)

1/4 cup fresh sage leaves

Boil potato and pumpkin until soft. Drain the vegetables and mash up with the sour cream. At the same time, melt the butter in a saucepan on low heat. Add the remaining garlic and sage and fry until the leaves are crisp and the butter is golden. Pour this sage butter over the mash and serve immediately.


  1. Spicy Ginger Pumpkin Mash

This warm winter side-dish packs a ginger punch to compliment the smooth, sweet palate of the pumpkin. Perfect for pairing with roast or braised meats and ridiculously easy to make, you’ll be returning again and again to this simple spicy recipe.



150g butter

50g finely grated ginger

2kg pumpkin (peeled, seeded, cubed)

100ml water


Simply melt the butter in a saucepan on low heat. Add pumpkin, ginger and 100ml and leave to simmer until soft (about 30min), seasoning to taste as you go. Mash roughly with a fork and serve warm.


  1. Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato Pumpkin Mash

There are few things that can’t be saved or surpassed with the addition of roasted garlic. This sweet, rich mash combines the fresh, warm flavours of pumpkin and sweet potato with a caramelised garlic hints, bringing a depth of flavour that most side-dishes can’t provide.

In fact, forget side-dishes, it’s so delicious we’ve been eating it on its own! Simply mash or blend the following ingredients until you reach your desired consistency, and heat in a pot on the stove before serving:


1 cup cooked pumpkin

1 cup cooked sweet potato

1 head roasted garlic

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 pinch salt

1 pinch black pepper

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