4 of our favourite mushroom recipes


It’s mushroom season! Pick your portobellos wisely, and experiment with these delicious recipes from The NEFF Kitchen.

Autumn is every fungi foodie’s dream. With supermarket aisles bursting at the seams with the season’s most spectacular display of mushrooms in all shapes and sizes, it’s the perfect time of year to experiment with the rich and delicate flavours of the food group – from intense truffle risottos to creamy mushroom bakes.

Whether you’re picking your own mushrooms, trying out some new fungi-fuelled ingredients like truffle oil or dried mushrooms, there is a recipe for everyone in the NEFF archives:

  1. Mixed mushroom bruschetta

Simple, but surprisingly memorable, this creamy ciabatta-based dish is perfect for a midweek snack or an entrée at your next dinner party. Topped with a delicious mushroom sauce, your guests will keep coming back for more to taste the intricate mix of sophisticated flavours.

  1. 3 cheese mushroom lasagne

This is one that the whole family will enjoy – the perfect comfort food with the ideal amount of fungi flair. Dried porcini mushrooms make for a rich base, while mixed mushrooms are layered between sheets of fresh pasta and paired with three delicious cheeses – a true celebration of warmth and flavour!

  1. Forest mushroom and truffle oil risotto

There are few things more more impressive than a perfectly-creamy, home-cooked risotto, but the dish has a bit of a bad rap for being hard to master. Luckily, this easy mushroom risotto recipe is simple to prepare, and filled to the brim with an assortment of fresh forest fungi – from portabello and enoki to oyster mushrooms and rich truffle oil.  With a NEFF oven with FullSteam all you need to do is put the ingredients into the oven to cook, no stiring required!

  1. Homemade chicken and mushroom pies

Mushrooms pair well with a variety of meats and flavours – but chicken and mushroom pies must be one of the most famed combinations. With buttery, flakey pastry and a creamy thyme-infused filling, these will be the talk of the household for weeks to come. NEFF’s CircoThermo Intensive is used in this recipe to help you achieve golden pastry bases.

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