4 new ways to serve your Anzac biscuits


Every year, throughout April, home kitchens across Australia are filled with the warm aromas of coconut, butter and golden syrup.

It’s Anzac biscuit season – a classic Australian favourite and the perfect easy way to get the entire family involved in the baking process. But sticking to the same recipe to get the same old biscuits, year in and year out, can get a little old-fashioned.

This year, we’re taking the best of the biscuit (the coconut, the golden syrup and the warm melted butter) and giving the essential Anzac ingredients a new lease on life with delicious twists on the Australian classic.

  1. 1. Anzac granola with coconut yoghurt

With toasted coconut flakes, the sweet crunch of maple syrup and a hearty spoonful of coconut yoghurt, this granola recipe pays homage to the flavours of the Anzac bicuit, but is also packed with nutritious dried fruits and nuts – the perfect Aussie breakfast.

  1. 2. Cherry Ripe Anzac slice

Why celebrate just one Aussie classic when you can celebrate two at once? These cherry ripe coconut slices are a sophisticated take on everyone’s favourite chocolate bar, made with a base of  crushed homemade Anzac biscuits.

  1. 3. Anzac cheesecake

There’s nothing more satisfying than a home-baked cheesecake, and most are made with crushed biscuits in the base. Why not give yours an Australian twist and replace the biscuits in your favourite cheesecake recipe with chewy Anzac biscuits?

  1. 4. Two-tiered Anzac brownies

This double layered, textural Anzac recipe is like the top deck of the chocolate brownie realm – a soft and chewy brownie layer on top, with a buttery coconut Anzac layer on the bottom. Once you’ve perfected the layered biscuit base, why not set aside the standard chocolate and shake things up with our nutty white chocolate and macadamia brownie recipe on top instead?

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