The benefits of having a double oven


If you’re a serious home cook, then all your cooking needs might not be getting met with a single oven.

The best oven for your home might not be a single oven. In fact, a double oven could be just the thing your kitchen is crying out for. While they used to be reserved for the only most spacious kitchens, our modern innovations have made them more compact and functional than ever before.

Here are some of the benefits of a double oven:

Increased cooking capacity

Do you love cooking a big roast for your extended family to share? Between both ovens you have over 100 litres of capacity, allowing you to do more at once without limiting the airflow inside the oven or reducing the effectiveness of its functionality.

Time saving tricks

Cooking a wide variety of dishes at the same time has never been easier than with a double oven. When combined with our CircoTherm® feature, which allows you to cook separate dishes on multiple levels at the same time without the flavours mingling, you have an additional level of cooking.

Entertaining made easy

When you’re planning a dinner party, timing is everything. This often means that the host is sequestered in the kitchen while their guests mingle, as the different elements of their meal are compiled. With a double oven you can reheat pre-prepared meals or cook different elements of your meal at the same time, giving you more time to socialise with your friends.

Additionally, our double oven uses a single set of controls for a streamlined look and easy functionality, while two single ovens will each come with their own controls.

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