How to properly care for your NEFF kitchen


All NEFF products are designed and tested to ensure they’re of the highest quality before they ever make it into your kitchen. After that, it’s down to you.

The old saying goes, “you only get out of life what you put in,” and the same can be said about kitchens. While that’s definitely true about the delicious food you’re creating, you can’t expect your appliances to stay in top condition if you’re not giving them the love and care they need. From cleaning to maintenance, here’s our top tips to help you care for your NEFF appliances so they stay in that practically brand new condition for years to come.

Read your manual

It should go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t read their instruction manuals beyond the quick start guide. Not sure what types of pans to use with your new induction cooktop? Your manual will give you the answer – as well as helpful instructions so you can test the compatibility of any pot or pan you want to use. Not sure if you’re using the right setting or shelf with your baking? Head to the back of your manual for our handy guides. Don’t panic if you lose your manual – they can all be downloaded from their product page on the NEFF website.

Clean as you go

When it comes to cleaning your appliances, it’s always easier to do it when the spills are fresh. Stay on top of your cleaning with every cook and you’ll find it easier to keep your appliances looking like they just walked out of the showroom.

Use the right products

It’s important to read your manual to know how to properly clean your NEFF appliances, but you should also ensure you’re using the right products. Different surfaces have different needs and using the wrong cleaner or the wrong method can be detrimental to the health of your appliances.

Your manual will tell you the best way to clean each element of your appliance as well as the recommended products to use. Want to ensure you’re using the best cleaning product for your appliance? Our highly recommended cleaning products can be purchased through our after-sales service.

Don’t ignore descaling with steam products

Descaling is an important part of appliance maintenance when there are water elements involved – such as our steam ovens or coffee machine. The frequency with which your appliance will need to be descaled depends on the hardness of your water, but your appliance should remind you if it needs to be descaled and functionality will be limited until the cycle is complete.

Set a reminder for deep cleaning

While cleaning your appliances after every use can stop a visible build-up of food from forming and even our EasyClean and Pyrolytic cleaning functions can make regularly cleaning your oven a breeze, every kitchen will benefit from a deep clean every now and then.

Set yourself some reminders throughout the year to give your whole kitchen a thorough cleaning. From your oven door and your rangehood vents, to all your appliances and racks, pull out the NEFF-approved cleaning products and get into all the nooks and crannies until your kitchen is sparkling.

Ask NEFF if you’re unsure

Whether something has gone wrong and you need your appliance repaired or a part replaced, get in touch with our friendly customer service team to get it sorted as soon as possible. They can also help with minor questions to help you get the most out of your appliances.

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