Why consumers love our CHOICE award winning oven


Here’s why industry experts call the NEFF Pyrolitic Slide&Hide® oven “a remarkable piece of cooking equipment!”

The NEFF Pyrolytic Slide&Hide® oven has been highly commended by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Here’s what that recommendation means, and why the oven is turning Australian home kitchens into state-of-the-art culinary adventures…

What is the CHOICE awards?

Every year, industry experts across Australia gather to test, choose and recommend the top performing kitchen appliances – from built-in ovens to fridges and smaller appliances. Each year, a select few products walk away with a CHOICE commendation for being the top-performing in their industry class.

This time, the NEFF Pyrolytic Slide&Hide® oven was tested against 54 other ovens, and came out on top.

Why the Slide&Hide® oven won 

The Slide and Hide® oven is renowned for making cooking easy and seamless – no matter your kitchen set up. It has over 12 heating methods, a cavity volume of 71 litres and a temperature range of 40C to 275C. But its most famous feature is a a fully retracting oven door that seamlessly slides in and ‘disappears’ when open, to give you unrestricted access to the interior and keep your kitchen safe and neat.

Here are some other benefits of the built-in cooking appliance:

CircoTherm® patented fan system

This innovative technology allows you to cook different dishes on multiple levels all at once, and still get a beautifully even result on each component.

Pyrolytic self cleaning

Let the oven do the dirty work for you. With a EasyClean function for fast oven cleaning, and a Pyrolysis options for cleaning after heavy use – the oven is easy to maintain

Made in Germany since 1877

Backed by over a century of distinct design and quality finishes, our manufacturers are ahead of the curve when it comes to producing world-class technology and materials. In fact, the NEFF factory in Germany produced its 1,000,000th Slide&Hide® oven back in 2017.


Featuring fast navigation through menus and simple operation with the screen display, you can take control of the cooking experience with ease.

Quadruple glazed CoolTouch door

Got kids in the house? Even if your kitchen is strictly adult-only, this safety feature will save you and your family from dangerous burns.

4 year warranty

Any large kitchen appliance requires an investment, and the NEFF warranty policy makes that decision a whole lot easier, with peace of mind that you’ll get the support you need should functions not operate as they should after some wear and tear.

 Find out more about the Slide&Hide® oven CHOICE award here.

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