What to do with Christmas leftovers


Christmas is done, the family has gone, but the fridge is still jam-packed with Christmas leftovers. Don’t worry, we can help.  

There’s nothing worse than a fridge full of Christmas leftovers after a busy week of entertaining. With enough glazed ham and roast lamb to feed an army, it’s easy to get fed up, and find yourself throwing away excess meat. But there are plenty of ways to turn your Christmas leftovers into delicious dishes if you follow these simple tips.

Here’s how to get the most of out of your remaining Christmas food:

Have a picnic

When it comes to emptying the fridge, the more, the merrier. So why not invite your friends over for a boxing day lunch or head outdoors for a picnic with the family. You can pack your leftover salad, meat and dessert to clear out the bulk of your food in one sitting. Find out how to pack the perfect picnic hamper here.


Whip up a quiche

Our French onion quiche is an elegant way to tranform your leftovers into a delicious new meal. While the original recipe calls for gruyere and prosciutto, you can tweak it to use up your leftover ham and the remnants of your cheese platter. When it comes to a quiche there isn’t muc that is off-limits to add to a recipe.

Make a risotto in the oven

Not only is our risotto recipe easy to make, but when cooking it with steam in the oven it keeps all your meat nice and tender. Shred leftover chicken or turkey instead of raw chicken, or finely slice your leftover ham to mix through.

quick risotto


Classic sandwiches

The Boxing Day sandwich is a time honoured tradition for those who always over-cater on Christmas Day. It’s the easiest way to use up all your roast meats and salad ingredients without needing to cook.

Homemade pizzas

For a filling dinner you can also make homemade pizzas. You can make a huge mixture of options, from shredded or sliced meat, to leftover caramelised onions and roast vegetables. Serve with your leftover salad to really make it pack a nutritional punch.

Give seafood a second life

Grilled prawns are a staple for many Australian households on Christmas day, but don’t let this summer favourite go to waste. Make a quick Asian-inspired noodle salad by combining your leftover salad ingredients and prawns with rice noodles, chilli, lime juice and a dash of fish sauce.

Start blending

When the spinach starts to wilt, and the pineapple turns to slush, it’s time to start blending. Your food processor will completely transform your leftovers into tasty snacks, full of flavour and nutrients. We’ve listed four berry smoothies that are perfect for a summer afternoon beverage, and if you’ve got a lot of leftover roast vegetables, you can combine them with lemon juice and feta for a delicious dip that you can enjoy with your leftover bread or crackers

berry smoothie recipes

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