How to be the perfect host without being in the kitchen the whole time


Ever invited a group over to your house for a dinner party, only to feel like you’ve spent more time hosting than interacting? By the end of the evening, we often realise that we’ve been so busy in the kitchen that we haven’t spoken to anyone.

Don’t let your dinner party menu impress your guests without you! With a few tips and tricks from some smart NEFF inventions, you can take a seat and enjoy the fruits of your hard work too.

Save hours of prep and cooking time, step out of the kitchen, and leave the hard work to these useful NEFF functions and appliances:

Three birds with one oven

There’s nothing more frustrating than having all your preparation done and your ingredients ready and waiting to go, only to have to wait hours before the first course is cooked in order to put the second in the oven. The NEFF CircoTherm® oven has 4 levels that can be used simultaneously – without mixing smells or flavours – so you can double your cooking capacity and halve your time in the kitchen.

No pre-heating needed

With NEFF’s CircoTherm® function, you can also skip the tedious task of preheating your oven, and skip straight to the exciting part – watching your dishes come to life. Simply switch to the PowerBoost function, put your dish in, and start up the oven. The temperature is designed to rise immediately, giving you more time to start on your next task.

Keep dishes warm with ease

While anything can be reheated with a bit of time and a hot oven, keeping everything on your dinner party menu simultaneously steaming and ready serve can be a bit of a juggling act. Don’t let those dishes go cold – the NEFF warming drawers are sleek, super-powerful and sure to transform your prep time.

No need to check on your meat

Everyone loves a good roast, but no one loves having to check on your cut of meat every few minutes to ensure that it is cooking correctly. NEFF’s multipoint meat probe allows you to set and forget – punch in your ideal temperature and the oven will do the rest.

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