Every grill master worth his salt will talk your ear off about the perfect way to prepare a steak.  

It’s a highly contentious topic, but if you want to learn how to cook the perfect steak there are many tips you can try to get yours just right. We’re not going to start any wars here, but what we’re going to do is help you to cook a great steak in any circumstances. 

And that’s perfection to us. 

What cut of steak is best? 

Again, this is a topic that has lots of answers but really none is 100% correct. It all comes down to how you’re going to cook it and what kind of steak you like. Porterhouse (also known as Sirloin) is a popular choice as it is lean and tender. If you’re after a cheaper cut like you’d find at your local pub, then you’ll be wanting to go for the firmer rump steak.  

Eye fillet steaks can be more expensive, but they tend to be the leanest of the bunch with a more subtle flavour. And of course, who can forget your dad’s BBQ favourite, the T-bone steak. If you’re not sure which to get, talk to your butcher about your options and look for steaks with an even thickness to help with the cooking. 


How do you prepare the perfect steak? 

This is where the knives come out in the fierce steak cooking debate. But one thing all steak lovers can agree on is that you should always let your steaks come to room temperature before cooking by taking them out of the fridge 30 minutes before cooking. Going from the cold fridge to a hot pan will wreak havoc with your cooking. 

We like to rub olive oil all over the outside of our steaks before seasoning generously with salt and pepper just before it hits the pan. This is a far better way to season your steak than to wait until you’re serving them.  

How to cook the perfect steak 

While many chefs swear by the flames of a gas cooktop to get a flavoursome and caramelised crust, you can still get a great result from a searing hot frying pan on an induction cooktopAdd your steaks to the pan, but be careful not to crowd them in there as they’re more likely to stew if there isn’t enough space.  

Cooking time depends on the thickness of your steaks, but as a general rule of thumb use this as a guide for a 2cm thick steak: 

Rare – Cook 2 minutes each side 

Medium rare – Cook 3- 4 minutes each side 

Medium – Cook 4 – 6 minutes each side 

Well done – Cook for 2 minutes each side, then turn the hob down and cook for another 4 – 6 minutes on a medium heat 

Getting the perfect grill lines on your steak 

Grill pans are a great way to cook steak on your cooktop, allowing you to get deep grill marks while fat and excess moisture can drain away. While we usually associate flames and gas cooktops with this type of cooking, the NEFF Griddle plate suits all flexinduction hobs. 

This long plate has room for multiple steaks at once, while the flexinduction hob functionality ensures an even distribution of heat from one end of the plate to the other, so you don’t need to circulate your steaks to get them all cooked evenly.  

Click here to learn more about the NEFF Griddle Plate. 

Do I need to rest steak? 

Whilst everybody has taken their steak from pan to plate in the past, believe us when we say that resting your steak will be a total game changer. Let it rest on a warm plate or wooden board for 5 – 10 minutes covered loosely in foil to allow the juices to naturally settle. Don’t be afraid of pouring them back over the top when you serve – they’re packed full of flavour 

Our final tip? Always cut across the natural grain of the muscle fibres – you should be able to see the direction they go in. Cutting with the grain is sure to give you a chewy mouthful!.

Go the next level and try the Sous Vide technique 

Cook your steak perfectly with almost no effort using the sous-vide technique. Here’s what you need to do:   

  1. Rub olive oil into your steak, season with salt, pepper and fresh herbs. 
  2.  Vacuum steal. This will preserve all the flavour and goodness of the food. Machines are widely available for purchase.

  3. Place the vacuum-sealed bag gently into your oven. With our NEFF oven sous-vide  function, it’s impossible to overcook. Just let a vacuum bag and your NEFF oven do the work. 

  4. Sear the steak on both sides for around 1-2 minutes to give it a delicious crust and then serve.

    Want to find out more about our ovens? Click here. 

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