The 6 most common cooking functions & when to use them


This video covers:
• CircoTherm®
• Top/Bottom Heat
• CircoTherm® Intensive
• CircoRoasting
• Full surface grill
• Low temperature cooking

For our FullSteam and VarioSteam functions please refer to the individual videos on steam:
How to use FullSteam: https://theneffkitchen.com.au/how_to_videos/how-to-use-fullsteam/
How to use VarioSteam: https://theneffkitchen.com.au/how_to_videos/how-to-use-variosteam/

Please note, this video does not replace your user manual. Please refer to your manual for more information on a selection of dishes and the ideal settings for each. This manual will show you which type of heating and temperate are best suited to your dish.

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