Immune-boosting ingredients and recipes


A healthy body starts with a diet full of variety. 

Cold and flu season is upon us and a healthy body and strong immune system can help us recover faster – and hopefully help us not get sick in the first place. Keep reading to find out what foods help to boost your immune system. The best part? We’ve included some delicious recipes that you can create using these foods which will be a lot more enjoyable than swallowing vitamins. 


We’ve been told for years that a big glass of orange juice is the best thing to boost your vitamin C levels and help to support your immune system, but did you know that capsicum (also known as bell peppers) actually contain twice as much Vitamin C as citrus? 

Get your daily dose by chopping them into a fresh salsa or with this stuffed capsicum recipe



It might be considered a side dish, but broccoli is worthy of an upgrade. Look beyond simply boiling the colour out of it and explore other methods of cooking this cruciferous vegetable – steaming, roasting and grilling all offer new and delicious flavours. It’s packed full of vitamins A, C and E, so broccoli really is a superfood. So, if you love broccoli you need to take a look at our NEFF Steam Oven which is a normal hot air oven and steamer in one!  



This popular flavour enhancer can do even more for your recipes than just seasoning. With high levels of allicin – sulphur-containing compounds that give garlic its distinctive smell – you’re supporting your body’s ability to actively fight germs.

You can find garlic in plenty of our recipes including curriespasta and even salad



Vitamin E often gets sidelined by Vitamin C when talking about immune health, but it can be just as helpful to help fight common colds and flus. It’s fat-soluble, meaning you need the presence of fat to absorb its benefits properly. Luckily, nuts like almonds contain not just the vitamin but the fat so you’re getting a double dose. Our almond cake can be a sweet treat with benefits if you want to increase your Vitamin E levels with something decadent. 



It might seem like a soothing old wives’ tale, but chicken really is good when you’ve got a cold. Packed full of Vitamin B-6, it can help support the vital chemical reactions in your body that prevent you from getting sick. Support general health with a delicious roast chicken, or try our chicken soup to help ease the symptoms of a cold. 


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