Unique induction cooktops for ultimate control


For entertainers, professional cooks or large families, our induction cooktops provide smart solutions for demanding requirements. Our FlexInduction cooktops allow you to move your cookware freely around on the cooktop. The pots are automatically detected and heat applied where it’s needed. But there’s more to our induction cooktops to guide you to a tasty result. The TwistPadFire® magnetic dial offers the responsive, easy activation. A simple rotating motion with your finger on the removable dial allows you to set the temperature.

The below features are available across the entire NEFF induction cooktop range:

• TwistPadFire®: An easier way to control your cooktop.

A removable magnetic dial which controls all of the cooking functions of your induction cooktop. Why is the dial so important? On induction cooktops grease and liquid can make your controls frustratingly non-responsive. With the TwistPadFire® simply tilt then twist the dial to activate your cooking zone & select the power level. Grease will never be a problem again.

• FlexInduction: Flexible choice of cookware.
Position pans of any size, anywhere you wish on the cooktop for ultimate flexibility and freedom. FlexInduction zones automatically detect the size and shape of your cookware and apply heat to their exact location.

• PowerBoost for pans: Heats up pans fast.
A special power level for quickly heating pans. It applies extremely high heat to the pan for 30 seconds then automatically resets the cooking alone to level 9.

• PowerBoost for pots: Perfect for quickly boiling water.
The special power level for quickly hearing pots of water. It heats the pot by applying up to 50% higher heat for 10 minutes and then automatically resets the cooking zone to level 9.

NEFF induction cooktops are available in 90cm, 80cm and 60cm sizes and come with a four year warranty. Explore the range here.

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