Why Cookaholics Love NEFF

With features you won’t find anywhere else, NEFF appliances are designed to give
food enthusiasts a more rewarding cooking experience. Our ovens, cooktops, rangehoods,
coffee machines and dishwashers make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure.

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    The world-famous disappearing door.
    Get closer to your cooking with our patented Slide&Hide® oven door. It tucks smoothly away under the oven, giving you unimpeded access to baste and taste as you go. It’s also perfect for smaller kitchen spaces.

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    Simultaneous cooking with no flavour transfer.
    Cooking a three-course meal but short on time? CircoTherm® lets you cook on up to four levels at once without mixing flavours, so fish, meat and muffins are not a problem. It’s an entertainer’s dream.

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    Professional steam techniques at home.
    Leading the growing trend toward steam cooking at home, NEFF ovens provide options for both full steam cooking – which uses 100% steam – and added steam cooking, which gives dishes the perfect amount of moisture by injecting steam alongside hot air. Our range even includes a full-size, full-function oven with all steam options.

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    Cook with a better view.
    There’s no need to open the door and lose heat, just to get a view of how your dishes are progressing. NEFF allows you to do this from the outside, with patented technology that distributes brilliant light into all levels.

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    Induction control that’s more responsive.
    Where surface grease and oil can make touch controls frustratingly unresponsive, the TwistPadFire® makes it easy. Just place the magnetic dial in the control area and press toward the zone you want to adjust. When it’s time to give the surface a clean, simply lift it away!

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    The perfect flame height for every dish.
    With nine pre-set flame heights controlled with click-step dials, NEFF brings the consistency and precision of induction to gas cooktops. You can even get down to a tiny, almost imperceptible flame – perfect for low-heat cooking.

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Designed to make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure, our products are made for people who are
passionate about food and love the time they spend cooking.

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