The best sides and salads to accompany your roast


What’s a winter roast without something colourful and nutritious on the side?

With short days and icy evenings, winter’s true fans can be few and far between. But when the warm aroma of a delicious roast lamb wafts out from the kitchen, the single-figure temperatures can seem somewhat worth it…

Remember, no family roast dinner is complete without an array of salads and sides to accompany your favourite cuts of meat. From bright vegetables to fresh grains and leafy salads, the NEFF kitchen table is overflowing with colourful and classic additions to your menu:

Caramalised carrots and pine nuts

These sweet and nutty honey-roasted carrots are irrestistable – especially when paired with a scrumptious roast pork. Doused in maple syrup, sumac and thyme, the flavours in the golden glaze are sure to leave mouths watering. Click here for the recipe.

Classic potato salad recipe

Nothing says home like a great potato salad recipe. Easy to prepare in advance in a FullSteam NEFF oven, the baby potatoes pair beautifully with fresh shallots, capers, chives and a surprise salty side of bacon. Plus, we’d swear by Fransje Garland-Frost’s mayonnaise recipe at all other times too! Click here for the recipe.

Colourful roast vegetables with grains

Autumn may be coming to an end but our favourite root vegetables are still thriving in season. Bring out the best of Australia’s fresh produce with this delicious roast vegetable salad – perfect as a side to a roast chicken or as a vegetarian option on the dinner table. Click here for the recipe.

Cheesy pull-apart garlic bread

Nothing says Sunday roast like a good side of garlic bread – and this cheesy rendition is sure to be the star of your menu. Guests of all ages will love tucking into the delicious herbs and melted cheese with a slice of slow-roasted beef brisket on the side. Click here for the recipe.

Colourful winter salad with fresh greens

Looking for something a little more leafy? This delicious winter salad is an excellent light addition to the menu, featuring colourful root vegetables and seasonal greens. The dressing is a NEFF favourite – walnut oil, rapeseed oil, white wine vinegar and black pepper. Click here for the recipe.

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