Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats


How to give your Halloween treats a spooky finish with some bloody-curdling decorations…

While Halloween is traditionally an American holiday, we have seen a huge increase in the number of Australians celebrating the spooky event each year. Whether it’s trick or treaters knocking in your door, a neighbour decorating the front lawn, or a full-blown party happening around the corner, it’s difficult to miss the festivities.

One of the best parts of Halloween is the devilishly good treats on display. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite spooky recipes that will inspire your baking adventures this season.

Skip the store-bought confectionary and get in the Halloween spirit with these festive recipes:

Spiced pumpkin cupcakes

This recipe will make your whole house smell like an American autumn with a combination of cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg and mixed spice. The winning flavours mixed with mashed pumpkin are all the ingredients for a great sweet treat. And you can add cream cheese frosting and some mysterious cake toppers and googly eyes to make the treats even more tantalising…

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Halloween blood cookies

What’s a Halloween party without some red food dye and faux blood? This cookie recipe is a twist on the classic choc-chip variety with a black exterior and gooey red centre that will surprise your guests on first bite, leaving them with eerie stained teeth. Best of all, they take less than 10 minutes to cook, providing plenty of time to decorate with edible eye candy.

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Meringue ghosts

Going for something cute and creepy? Then our Meringue Ghosts are sure to delight. Made with just egg whites, vanilla essence and caster sugar, you can frighten your guests on a budget, with ingredients you already have in the cupboard. Be warned: this recipe will put your piping skills to the test!

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Pumpkin Pasties

Make your own pumpkins using ready-rolled shortcrust pastry. These pasties have a nice crispy exterior and soft pumpkin centre using tinned pumpkin puree and fragrant spices including ginger, cinnamon and allspice. Combined with squashed blueberries, our pumpkin pastries are sure to delight this Halloween.

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Halloween Ghost Cookies

Pre-purchase your ghost-shaped cookie cutters and make these delicious passionfruit cookies at home. They’re orange in colour with passionfruit seeds for eyes – a striking recipe that will wow your guests at home or in the schoolyard. Best of all, you can keep them in a closed box for up to 2 weeks, meaning you’ve got plenty of spooky snacks for lunchboxes in the coming weeks.

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