Whether entertaining on the lawn or lazing by the pool, this Bellini recipe by award-winning bar owner Marcus, “The Admiral” Motteram is the ultimate summer cocktail!

This classic cocktail was first invented by Giuseppe Cipriano at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy sometime between 1934 and 1948. Originally it included a splash of cherry juice and it’s said that the pink hue of the drink reminded Cipriano of a saint’s toga in a painting by Giovanni Bellini – hence the name “Bellini.”

While the drink was invented in Italy, it really is the embodiment of an Australian summer – fresh, sweet, and sun-ripened with a dry, crisp finish.

So we asked Marcus “The Admiral” Motteram – owner and bartender of the award-winning cocktail bar, Hains & Co. in Adelaide’s West End – to share his take on the classic Bellini.

The Admiral’s Bellini
(Makes a good sized jug)

1 bottle of a good quality Prosecco
100ml Del Professore Blanco Vermouth (or other sweet white vermouth)
50ml apple cider vinegar
250ml white peach purée

Stir the last 3 ingredients and 100ml Prosecco together before topping with the remaining Prosecco. Give it a light stir and serve in a highball glass.

Authors Bio:

Marcus is an award-winning bartender and founder of cocktail bar, Hains & Co in Adelaide’s West End. One of Australia’s most respected authorities on hospitality and beverages, Marcus has been published in numerous magazines, judged various cocktail competitions and continues to be a mentor to the very best cocktail bar staff in Australia.

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