NEFF’s FullSteam and VarioSteam ovens both use steam in the cooking process, but when is it better to use a FullSteam oven?


The main difference between the VarioSteam oven and the FullSteam oven is the way steam is used in the cooking process. With the VarioSteam oven, steam is injected into the oven at regular intervals to make sure food remains moist. With the FullSteam oven, steam is used as the main method of cooking throughout the entire process.

All FullSteam ovens also come with VarioSteam.

Cooking with steam

With a steam oven, you can cook food without any added fats or oils, making it a healthier alternative to traditional methods. Plus, when you cook with steam, you can retain more nutrients and flavour than you would using a traditional oven. This makes steam-cooked meals healthier and easier to clean up.

Because you can cook your meals quicker with a steam oven, steam cooking is great for families trying to stay healthy or professionals without a lot of spare time.

Benefits of using the FullSteam oven

If you tend to steam a lot of food, a NEFF FullSteam oven might be the best option for you. It can be a great addition to your kitchen if you cook a lot of food like rice, fish, vegetables, and puddings.

With a NEFF FullSteam oven, you can cook different meals all at once and they’ll all retain their own flavours, while also cooking much faster than traditional ovens. You can use it alongside a traditional oven and cook up a storm of delicious and diverse meals.

Steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular in home kitchens and even in restaurants, and our FullSteam ovens are some of the best options out there. So, check out some of our FullSteam ovens to make tasty and healthy meals with the help of a bit of steam.


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