Frequently Asked Questions

We spend a lot of time talking to our customers. Below are some of their most common questions.

What warranty do I get when I purchase NEFF appliances?

Your kitchen appliances are a long-term investment and we know our customers expect the best. As a premium home appliance brand all of our appliances are backed with a 4-year warranty, which includes parts and labour. You do not need to register your appliance to activate your warranty, although registration can provide faster service if you need to contact our customer service team in the future.

If I purchase an oven, do I recieve a recipe book?

Yes, you will receive an order card with your oven for your FREE NEFF cookbook. Just send that card off to receive our global cookbook. We also have over 200 recipes on our website!

When my products arrive, will I get any further support?

Yes! Your NEFF experience doesn’t stop once your products are delivered. We provide new recipes weekly via email, as well as helpful ‘how-to’ videos on setting up your appliances and using their features. Our friendly Customer Service team are also available on 1300 087 033, 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

I’d like telescopic rails with my oven, which telescopic type rails do I need? There are so many options!

The rails you require depend on which oven model you are looking to purchase. Click here to view the relevant rail code for each NEFF oven model.

What cleaning functions do your ovens have?

As any home cook knows, the best recipes can sometimes make the biggest mess. If cleaning features are high on your list when searching for a new oven, then you’ll love NEFF’s ultimate duo for perfect cleaning: EasyClean and Pyrolytic cleaning.

Pyrolytic cleaning

The NEFF pyrolytic function means that you never have to worry about food residue getting baked in. The oven is heated to approximately 485°C which reduces all the leftover food and spills to ash. This allows you to simply wipe it away with a damp cloth for a perfectly clean oven, with no chemical cleaners or scrubbing. Use this cleaning function to clean the cooking compartment every 2-3 months. You can use the cleaning function more often if required. See the feature in action here.


For a quick clean that is also easy on the environment, the EasyClean function makes cleaning a breeze. Available on every NEFF oven, this self-cleaning method is great for a lightly soiled oven, and uses a mixture of water and washing liquid to loosen food residue for an easy wipe down. See the feature in action here.

I’ve heard a lot about steam, what do I need to know?

The NEFF oven range offers two types of steam cooking:

FullSteam: which uses 100% steam (that is, steam on its own without any hot air).

VarioSteam: also known as added steam. This works by injecting steam alongside conventional hot air cooking. Injections of steam give dishes the perfect amount of moisture to avoid drying out your cooking.

See our videos on using steam here.

Other than rice and vegetables, what else can I cook in a FullSteam oven?

Fish, eggs, cakes, sticky date puddings – there are so many dishes which benefit from steam. Visit for recipes produced here in Australia specific for our steam ovens.

I’m placing one oven on top of another, will I need a shelf?

A shelf is always required. You can either build a shelf or purchase a NEFF insertion floor Z11SZ00X0, shown here. An insertion floor achieves a more streamlined by closing the visible gap between the appliances.

Gas or Induction?

Everyone’s different, but the chances are we have a cooktop that suits you and the way you like to cook.

Induction cooktops are quicker than gas and easy to clean. The one thing you do need to take into account is the additional power requirements to have an induction cooktop in your home.On the other hand, people who do a lot of wok cooking often choose a gas cooktop. Another benefit is that all types of pots and pans can be used on gas cooktops, not all can use be used on induction.

You can view our range here.

Why do the NEFF induction cooktops have a magnetic control dial?

Surface grease and oil can make induction cooktop touch controls frustratingly unresponsive, so the TwistPadFire® magnetic control dial addresses this problem. All you need to do is place the magnetic dial in the control area and press toward the zone you want to adjust. This gives you the ultimate in responsiveness.

If you have any more questions please call our customer call line on 1300 087 033

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