NEFF’s biggest kitchen innovations


Since its beginning in a German factory in 1877, NEFF has been working on kitchen innovations that have revolutionised home cooking. Here are some highlights from our proud history

In 1877, Carl Neff and six partners moved into a small semi-timbered cottage in Germany’s Baden-Württemberg province and set up the first NEFF workshop.

A former master locksmith, Carl Neff turned his eye for quality to the first NEFF models – coal-burning stoves – and since then NEFF has continued to imbue its products with a craftsman’s touch to create products that are both well-built and simple to use.

Not only has the NEFF name become synonymous with quality Germany engineering, but throughout its illustrious 142-year history its designs have rocked the world. Here are just some of the kitchen innovations that were born at NEFF:

Dual level cooking

Back in 1949, NEFF created an oven that came with two separately-controlled heating compartments that allowed you to cook different dishes at different rates. Helping passionate cooks to save time while creating quality meals has always been at the forefront of NEFF’s design plans.

Thermostats for everyone

It seems strange now to imagine using an oven that isn’t temperature controlled, but in the 50s NEFF was the first company to introduce thermostats as standard across all our ovens. During the same decade, NEFF also introduced other innovations including the induction cooktop, the microwave and the Arcus stove.

Have it your way

The 1970s brought to life the NEFF Domino modular cooker, allowing you to choose different elements – such as gas, electric, fryer, grill or warmer elements – and combine them into one unit. This period also saw the invention of the CiroTherm® oven, allowing you to cook different dishes on multiple levels without the flavours intermingling.

We like to move it

The 80s are seen as an energetic and flashy decade, so it makes sense that our innovations were all about making it easier to manoeuvre food into and out of a hot oven. With racks mounted on the walls on rollers and rails, as well as interior lighting, it was a time to find your cooking groove.

Keep it clean

In the 1990s technology evolved in leaps and bounds and NEFF was no different. From slick looking cooktops to digital displays and high end audio equipment, the tech boom made its way into our kitchen. Perhaps most exciting for time-poor home cooks was the introduction of NEFF’s EasyClean technology that allowed you to keep your kitchen looking good as new without the effort.

Expanding the range

While our ovens are the jewel in our appliance range, NEFF’s team of innovators are always looking for ways to make your whole kitchen better. The early 2000s saw the introduction of the Compact Café – the ultimate home coffee gadget for bean connoisseurs.

We’ve got steam heat

The past decade has seen the benefits of steam take centre stage. Our VarioSteam technology injects moisture into the oven in the form of steam, allowing your roasts to come out succulent and juicy every time. We also introduced our FlexInduction cooktops, allowing you to place your pan anywhere on the cooktop’s surface and have it heat up, while the rest of the cooktop stays cool to the touch.

The great disappearing door

Perhaps our most popular invention to date has to be our exclusive Slide&Hide® oven doors, that disappear below your oven when opened to save room and give you better access to your oven.

NEFF has certainly come a long way since the first workshop in 1877, but we’ve never lost our drive to innovate.

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