An Australian favourite with far less mess, this Aussie beef burger recipe uses the grill function in the NEFF oven to cook the beef patties and toast the buns.

The grill function allows you to grill foods like you would on a barbeque, but from your kitchen instead – perfect for those sweltering summer days. One of the great things about this setting is that your oven will maintain regular heat for an even cook on the burgers, meaning you can prepare the table or get other burger toppings ready.

Toasting your burger buns is also a breeze when using the grill function on a NEFF Slide & Hide® oven. You can easily check the colour of your burger buns as they’re grilling thanks to the disappearing oven door. This means you can grill your buns to golden perfection without the risk of burnt bread.

Function: Grill, Induction cooktop