A carrot cake roll with cream cheese filling served on a plate, with a few slices of the cake on display.

Nothing says autumn quite like a hearty carrot cake. But why not take this humble dessert to new, tasty heights by turning it into a carrot cake roll with cream cheese filling?

This dessert is an easy win for autumnal entertaining. And when you’re cooking it in a NEFF oven with the Circo Therm® function, you can guarantee that the cake will be cooked to perfection. With the NEFF Slide & Hide® oven, it’s easier than ever to remove the cake from the oven for the initial roll thanks to the full disappearing door.

The cream cheese mixture adds a zesty and decadent touch to the carrot cake roll, while the candied walnuts add texture and flavour that deepens the dish’s overall taste.

Function: Circo Therm®