Easy to whip up and reliably delicious, this healthy Carrot Walnut cake recipe is one the whole family will enjoy.

Planning a decadent morning or afternoon tea? Layer our Carrot Walnut cake with icing and serve on a decorative cake stand for guaranteed wow. This versatile cake can also be baked in a loaf or individual muffin tins, perfect for alfresco gatherings or kids’ lunchboxes. Just be sure to ice generously – that’s the best bit!

Tips for carrot walnut cake success:

• Using a stand mixer with whisk attachment to cream your butter and sugar will result in a gorgeous fluffy texture.
• Taste-test the cake batter and icing – this will allow you to adjust the levels of cinnamon and citrus to your personal preference.
• To avoid your icing melting or running, remember to cool the cakes completely before icing.

This healthy carrot cake recipe is a spectacular addition to any passionate home chef’s arsenal. Happy baking!

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