Is there anything more summery than grilling fresh seafood and partnering it with the hearty goodness of potatoes and the light, green pop of asparagus? This recipe packs a mouthful of punchy flavours. Fish sauce, garlic, coriander and parsley are ideal dish partners, bringing out the nuanced scents and flavour profiles of the herbs and vegetable to perfection. The grilling process is fast and easy thanks to the speedy, responsive Neff Grill function. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to chop, marinate and prepare the ingredients, but this is really an easy dish to make and perfect for those evenings or summer lunches where you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

If you’re looking to offer a range of seafood meals to your dining companions, this warm Atlantic Ocean trout salad only takes 30 minutes of cooking time thanks to the FullSteam function. Applying 100% pure steam ensures that the fish remains moist, while trapping the full flavours of the trout and ensuring maximum nutrients, flavour and texture are maintained throughout the cooking process. This is a dish bound to inspire guests to ask for double servings. Kale, eggs, potatoes, almonds and capers are an interesting textural and flavour combination and the zesty, tangy fennel, orange and dill flavours partner perfectly with this fish.

Perhaps you want to take a different spin on prawns and offer two varieties. This oven baked prawn and chorizo paella sings with Spanish flavours. The CircoTherm function ensures that the richness of the prawns, vegetables and sauces are heightened over the one hour cooking time. The ability to cook various elements of this meal at once, without compromising the flavour or quality of any of them, is what makes CircoTherm the home chef’s best secret ingredient.

Function: Grill