A persons hand holding a spoon that is placed in a mocha self-saucing pudding, while there are other puddings on the table.

Our mocha self-saucing pudding has the best of both worlds – decadent chocolate and aromatic coffee. The base of this pudding is a simple self-saucing chocolate pudding recipe but with a mocha sauce twist. With most of the ingredients being pantry staples and a shot of coffee, you can impress your guests in the cooler months with this quick and easy recipe.

And if you’re cooking these self-saucing puddings in a NEFF oven, you can guarantee perfectly cooked puddings with a gooey centre each time thanks to the Circo Therm® technology. The even heat distribution ensures the perfect balance between the bread-like top and the saucy centre.

After the puddings have rested for about five minutes, serve with a dollop of thick cream, ice cream or custard – or all three if you’re feeling indulgent!

Function: Circo Therm®