Potato gnocchi is a dish that is the embodiment of spring-time Italian cooking. By blanching the gnocchi then sautéing it in the sage butter, you can create a crisp texture that leads into a pillowy texture when you bite into it. The sage butter and pines nuts add a distinctly earthy and aromatic taste, one that is perfect for those cooler spring nights. This potato gnocchi is the perfect dish for an intimate setting – think antipasto to kick start the night, a glass or two of fine Italian wine, and this potato gnocchi to top it all off.

When it comes to preparing the potatoes, NEFF’s CircoTherm® function is a saviour as it cooks the potatoes to mashing perfection, but it also helps draw out the moisture. And if you have last minute guests arrive, then the PowerBoost® function can save you in a pinch – it expedites the oven’s heating up process, so you don’t have to worry about pre-heating your oven for potato preparation.

Function: Circo Therm®