Pumpkins are the fruit (yes, fruit) that we most closely associate with the spookiest day of the year. Halloween’s relationship with pumpkins has more do with their ability to be turned into lanterns and candles than their taste. But if they can ward off evil spirits as well as taste delicious, then all the better.

Prepping your pumpkin is made simple with NEFF oven Fullsteam and CircoTherm® technology. Steaming retains the pumpkin’s vibrant colour and sweetness, and can be done with the powerful, intuitive steamer built right into the top of NEFF Fullsteam ovens. After mashing the pumpkin and mixing the ingredients, you’re ready for your house to fill with the sweet aroma of spicy pumpkin. Topped with creamy frosting, these spice cupcakes will make for a fun and delicious Halloween recipe.

Love a Halloween treat?

Who doesn’t! Give your spooky season a more gourmet spin this year with delicious recipes from The NEFF Kitchen. They might not have the sugar content of gummi worms, but we promise they’re scarily good.

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