These mouth-watering potato towers are a gluten-free delight—a snack that elevates the humble potato to the level of premium cuisine, while still satisfying those fried food urges. 

The thinly sliced potato is baked using NEFF CircoTherm to get the golden-brown colour of your dreams. Stacked and sprinkled with saffron, nutmeg and icing sugar, the towers’ festive sweetness combines with earthier Italian herbs for a sophisticated take on the classic potato and butter combo.  


How to achieve a perfect potato tower: 

Use premium butter – being a dish of few ingredients, it pays to make every single one count. 

Use a small amount of salt or sugar to act as abrasive when grinding your saffron, it will make that mortar and pestle work much easier. 

Make your own Italian seasoning for a thrifty and personalized take on a classic herb mix. Simply mix together even measures of parsley, sage and thyme with a bit of rosemary and add some chili flakes if you like some extra heat. 

Crush almonds the easy way – use a rolling pin or put inside a resealable bag and crush them with a pestle or kitchen mallet. 


Caramelise the icing sugar without burning and serve hot as a snack or entrée.   

Function: CircoTherm®