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Gluten-Free Almond and Raspberry Tart

To begin baking your gluten-free almond and raspberry tart, preheat the Oven 200°C CircoTherm®. In a food processor combine the sifted dry ingredients with the ground almonds and butter. Pulse until the mixture resemble fine bread crumbs. Whisk together the eggs and sugar then add the processor and pulse until the pastry forms a ball.   Turn the pastry out onto a lightly floured surface (GF) and knead lightly until smooth then form into a ball. Place onto a piece of baking paper then press out to approx 20 cm. Chill for 30 minutes.  Roll the pastry between 2 pieces of baking paper to line a 25cm fluted tart pan with removable base. Trim the edges and prick the base well with a fork, chill a further 30 minutes. Load the pastry with a sheet of baking paper and some rice or beans to weight it.   Blind bake the pastry for 12 minutes, remove the paper and rice and bake a further 6 minutes until lightly golden. Cool. Reduce the oven temp to 160°C.  Arrange half the raspberries over the tart base. In a bowl combine the sour cream, eggs, sugar, butter, flour, rind and juice and whisk until combined. Pour the filling over the berries and drop the extra berries over the top. Bake for 30 minutes or until the filling is set. Allow to cool.  Dust the gluten-free almond and raspberry tart with icing sugar, slice and serve with a dollop of pure cream and extra raspberries.  

Gluten-free Dipped Shortbread

Line two baking sheets with baking paper. Beat the butter, then cream it with the sugar and orange zest until light. Stir in the flour, baking powder and salt and mix together to form a dough. Roll the mixture into a ‘sausage’ shape, wrap in cling film then chill for 15 mins. Meanwhile, heat the oven to CircoTherm, 170C. Cut the shortbread roll into 1cm slices (you should get around 15), then bake for 12-15 mins until light golden. Leave on the baking sheet for 2 mins before releasing with a palette knife. Slide onto a rack to cool. Meanwhile, place the chocolate into a small saucepan and heat on the induction cooktop at setting 2 or gas cooktop FlameSelect level 2, stirring regularly until melted. Turn down to setting 1 to keep warm until ready to use. When the cookies have cooled, half dip them into the melted chocolate and place on a piece of baking parchment. Sprinkle the chopped hazelnuts and orange zest on top of the melted chocolate, repeat with the remaining cookies. Allow the chocolate to set before serving.

The Perfect Oven for a Sunday Roast

What is CircoTherm®? One of the key stresses that a Sunday roast can inspire in the home chef, is the stress of time. Roasts aren’t always quick, and preparing a succulent, multi-course feast is going to be cause for a little bit of a wait. NEFF CircoTherm® technology is a revolution for roasts. It allows simultaneous baking, cooking and roasting on multiple levels without the intermingling of flavours, and offers precision temperature control. So there’s no waiting for one dish to be done before beginning another, a potentially huge time saving for a long-awaited Sunday roast. CircoTherm® is also perfect because it ensures all trays are cooked evenly. Yorkshire puddings on top, veggies in the middle and meat on the bottom? That’s no worries. Everything will cook to perfectly, no rotating of trays needed! Below are some Sunday roast recipes to inspire your next cook up: Roast 1: Roast Beef Roast beef with mustard potatoes and jus and pumpkin and black bean salad, with Gluten Free Almond and Raspberry Tart. Roast beef is the classic roast option, and this recipe is no exception. Although we have expanded the palette with the a little kick in the form of mustard potatoes. Paired with a slightly heavier (yet still very healthy) pumpkin and black bean salad, this is a classic roast is a modern twist on a family favourite. With everything cooked at 200°C, dinner couldn’t be more simple – you can even blind bake your Gluten-free Almond and Raspberry Tart base ready for dessert! Roast 2: Lamb Roast Indian Spiced Roast Lamb and Vegetable fries with a decadent Lemon Blueberry Tart for dessert As diets change, so must our roasts. This Indian spiced lamb is the perfect twist your Sunday routine is craving. To take your tastebuds on a global trip, we’ve paired them with vegetable fries seasoned with coriander, chilli powder and ground hazelnuts. To finish the night off with a bit of freshness, why not try our favourite Lemon Blueberry Tart? And of course, all courses of this delicious meal can be cooked simultaneously at 180°C. Innovation and imagination are at the core of what make NEFF CircoTherm® ovens perfect companions for our Sunday roast creations, taking the time and stress out of cooking and leaving more time for sharing food and enjoying Sunday roasts as household events to be treasured. Roast 3: Beef Brisket Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, Caramelised carrots and pine nuts and Chocolate Roulade with fresh cream and raspberries The ultimate recipe for stress-free entertaining, Slow Cooked Beef Brisket is a crowd favourite. After slow cooking for 12 hours to produce a tender, fall-apart meat, when you reheat with the CircoTherm® function to caramelise the meat, you can simultaneously toast the pine nuts for your caramelised carrots side dish and start baking your Chocolate Roulade for dessert! The fresh cream and raspberries with this dessert are a perfect complement to the succulent roast, and with CircoTherm®, heating occurs evenly, ensuring all dishes come out evenly cooked golden. ___________________________________________________ About NEFF NEFF is a German-engineered kitchen appliance brand, with a product range that includes ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, coffee machines and dishwashers designed to make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure. For people who love to cook, NEFF gives you the tools to create meaningful connections, express your creativity and make memories. Because real life happens in the kitchen. Learn more about NEFF here.

Chocolate strawberry blondies

I love creating recipes that are 1-2 bowl. This is as simple as wet ingredients in 1 bowl, dry in the other, add together to combine. It’s also gluten-free, dairy free & refined sugar free which is perfect for our family members who are intolerant.

The Benefits of having a Double Oven

Incorporating a double oven in your kitchen reno may sound like a needless extravagance to some, but the truth is having two ovens in your kitchen has a whole host of benefits – from flexibility to space-saving, explore all the advantages below. Lots of capacity. Great for entertaining. If you are someone who loves to have friends over for a Friday night home-cooked banquet, then a double oven would serve you well. A NEFF double oven allows you to cook different meals at the same time, meaning you can have your mouth-watering Apple Kuchen Tart baking while your roast beef cooks away. Two ovens also mean double the racks, so if you’re cooking for a crowd of 20+ all your appetizers can cook at the same time. Find out how hassle-free double ovens really are from a NEFF customer: “Best Oven I’ve Ever Had – I research everything I buy. Everything these days upon inspection seems cheaply made, what a breath of fresh air the NEFF double oven was. At the forefront of modern oven technology for the average Joe like me. So much room in the lower oven, perfect for entertaining cooking for many guests and having the versatility of 2 cooking spaces. Whisper quiet and so easy to clean with using horrid chemicals.” NEFF double ovens also come with pyrolytic cleaning, meaning you never have to worry about big spills getting baked in. This function allows you to simply wipe any mess away with a damp cloth after your oven has cooled down. Allergy friendly: Great for those with allergies One of the other great advantages of double ovens? People with food allergies have the ability to cook their own allergy-sensitive dishes in a separate oven to the rest of the family, ensuring there’s no transfer of ingredients between foods. In fact, valued NEFF customer Janine – whose son suffers from Coeliac Disease – swears by her NEFF double oven when cooking dishes for her family. “It’s such a relief to be able to pop my son’s gluten-free meals in the smaller top oven and the rest of the family’s meal in the larger main oven. Macaroni cheese is a firm favourite with my crew, which used to stress me out because it contains gluten and I worried there might be contamination between dishes when I put both in one oven. My NEFF double oven means I can relax and enjoy a lovely meal with my family – even though we’re eating completely different dishes.” Gluten Free Recipes & Tips • How to use Coconut Flour to create gluten-free dishes • Gluten-free Dipped Shortbread Recipe • Grilled Mushrooms and Prosciutto • Whole Roasted Cauliflower • Roasted Vegetable Frittata Cook multiple items at once: more flexibility Dedicated home chefs who love to entertain will relish in the flexibility of the NEFF double oven. With both CircoTherm and CircoTherm Intensive functions included you can cook, roast and bake simultaneously, creating a whole menu of completely different dishes without flavours intermingling. Yes, you read that correctly – the top oven holds a 34L capacity with 3 shelf positions and the bottom oven holds a 71L capacity with 4 shelf positions. Meaning? No time spent heating up food In the microwave because it’s gone cold waiting for your other dishes to cook, letting you enjoy a stress-free dinner party with your beloved guests. To find out more about the NEFF double oven, visit our product page here. So, there you have it! The many benefits of investing in a double oven. Not quite sold yet? Book a 1:1 consultation with a NEFF product specialist or book a call with our team here. ___________________________________________________ NEFF Appliances. Made for a lifetime of moments. With NEFF appliances, every meal in your kitchen is a meal worth sharing. Celebrate together with premium ovens, cooktops and more.

The best cookie recipes from the NEFF Kitchen

There’s nothing worse than baking cookies and being disappointed. And while cookies are often one of the first things we learn to make, finding the perfect recipe for your cookie craving can be hard. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of tried and tested cookies in The NEFF Kitchen. Our team of home economists diligently test the quantities and ingredients for the best taste and foolproof outcomes. Yes, taste-testing is a difficult part of our job but it’s one we gladly undertake to ensure you have the best cookies, every time. Here are some of our favourite cookie recipes: Chocolate chip cookies It’s a classic for a reason. Often when you’re craving a cookie, this is what your brain is picturing. With a soft centre, crisp edges and oozey chocolate chips, this really is the ultimate cookie. Get our chocolate chip cookie recipe here, and while you’re at it, why not check out our triple chocolate cookie slice recipe? It’s everything you love about the classic cookie in a thicker, chocolate bonanza of a slice. Basic cookie recipe Whether you’re wanting to use what you have on hand or just like to experiment with your cookie mix-ins, you need to have a great go-to basic cookie recipe. Our version is shown with cranberries and pistachios mixed through but you can add anything – nuts, white chocolate, dried fruit. Your imagination and tastebuds write this recipe. Get the recipe for our basic cookies here. Shortbread biscuits We love a good shortbread recipe around here. In fact, our Christmas shortbread recipe is actually three delicious recipes in one! But if you’re wanting to make something that is more intolerance friendly, then you’ll love our gluten free dipped shortbread. Using gluten free flours and dipped in melted chocolate, we decorate with a variety of toppings like crushed nuts and orange zest for a fancy finish. Get the recipe for our gluten free dipped shortbread here. Melting moments When it comes to cookies, sometimes classic recipes really are best. Lots of people think that melting moments are something that you can only buy in store, but once you start making them at home they really can’t be beat. Best of all, they’re a cookie that leaves room experimentation. Just try our chocolate melting moments with peanut butter ganache if you don’t believe us! Get our classic melting moments recipe here. Caramel filled Salted Shortbreads Here we go with the shortbread again. We can’t help it, they’re just some of the best. This adult is a very grown up spin, with salted caramel adding a rich and decadent filling that you’re sure to love. Get the recipe for our caramel filled salted shortbreads here. Hint: Use your Steam function on your oven to make the caramel filling for optimal results. Don’t have an oven with steam? Not to worry, you can check out our FullSteam oven range here. White chocolate, almond and cranberry biscotti We love biscottis because they look fancy when you have guests coming around, but they store like a dream. This means you’re not going to feel ‘forced’ into eating a whole batch at once, but can have them on hand when your cup of tea requires a little company. Get the recipe for our white chocolate, almond and cranberry biscotti here. Wondering why your cookies never come out perfect? Opening your oven door to check them could be your first mistake. By doing this, you’re releasing air from the oven resulting in often deflated cookies.  The solution? An oven that ensures each and every cookie is always visible, without needing to open the oven door. Give your cookies the spotlight they deserve with the NeffLight. Click here to find about this unique feature. Want some more tips and tricks? Check out our guide to baking cupcakes and cookies here for all the best tips and advice. ___________________________________________________ About NEFF NEFF is a German-engineered kitchen appliance brand, with a product range that includes ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, coffee machines and dishwashers designed to make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure. For people who love to cook, NEFF gives you the tools to creative meaningful connections, express your creativity and make memories. Because real life happens in the kitchen.

How to make homemade pasta

From a hearty serving of fluffy gnocchi to a forkful of twirled linguini, nothing beats a bowl of pasta - even better when it’s made with love. So, we’ve collected our favourite homemade pasta and sauce recipes from around the NEFF kitchen to bring a little bit of Italy into your own kitchen. Why homemade? When it’s so easy to buy pasta from the supermarket, making your own can feel like a daunting task. But homemade pasta is easier than you imagine, and has a texture and flavour unrivalled by the bulk supermarket stock. Plus, there’s nothing like a homemade sauce to round out a family meal. What ingredients do I need to make pasta? This depends on what kind of pasta you’re making. From lasagne to spaghetti, most traditional homemade pasta recipes use flour and eggs, sometimes with additional salt, but you can also find egg-free, gluten-free and rice flour pastas, so keep looking. It’s imperative to use fresh eggs, and most recipes call for quality flour types like “00” or semolina. Here are some hot tips to nail your recipes: Know when to fold Kneading is a key part of pasta making. The perfect dough has been folded, and re-folded, until the eggs and flour are seamlessly combined. Olive oil is your friend Is your dough too dry? Add a few drops of olive oil. Don’t use water or more eggs, as this will mess with the consistency. Too sticky? Use a bit of extra flour. Let it rest To give your pasta the best chance at success, wrap it and give it time to rest for at least an hour - overnight if possible. This makes it easier to roll your dough out and cut it into your desired shape. Now, choose your recipe and get started. Make gnocchi from scratch (the Italian way) Soften your potatoes, measure out your flour and grind your salt - it’s time to serve up a bowl of NEFF’s delightful gnocchi dumplings, cooked to perfection in your Fullsteam oven. With only three ingredients, this potato pasta is one of the easiest ways to attempt to make pasta at home. When the small pieces of fluffy comfort have risen to the surface, top them with a roasted tomato sauce. Ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin and blue cheese sauce Ready to step it up a notch? This creamy ricotta gnocchi is just as easy to whip up with all the ingredients in one bowl. The sauce is a delicate, cheesy concoction laced with fresh basil and sautéed vegetables, sure to become a family favourite for the adults around the table. Make your own pumpkin pasta This fresh, colourful take on homemade pasta is the perfect way to make your pasta a little more exciting (and healthy). Kids will love the orange hue, and your palate will love the simple, striking flavours. By adding ½ cup of pumpkin puree to your salt, eggs and flour, you’ve got a winning comfort recipe on your hands. Or step it up a notch with our garlic and feta-stuffed Pumpkin Ravioli recipe. The perfect tomato and basil pasta sauce Best served atop an al dente bowl of fresh linguini, this heirloom tomato sauce recipe has fast become a staple in the NEFF recipe book. Fill your induction cooktop with the scent of Italy and whip up this seasonal mix of ripe tomatoes, chili, garlic, basil, olive oil and white wine in under 20 minutes. Try this walnut-sage butter When it comes to pasta, less is often more - especially if you’re short on time. This quick and creamy mix of roasted walnuts, fresh sage leaves and melted butter can help bring your homemade pasta to life. We can highly recommend this sauce on a bowl of beetroot gnocchi.  ___________________________________________________  About NEFF   NEFF is a German-engineered kitchen appliance brand, with a product range that includes ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, coffee machines and dishwashers designed to make life in the kitchen a daily pleasure. For people who love to cook, NEFF gives you the tools to create meaningful connections, express your creativity and make memories. Because real life happens in the kitchen.   Learn more about NEFF here.

Creative ways to cook with cauliflower

It’s not often that a vegetable as seemingly simple as a cauliflower can surprise you with so many different creative uses. From the sophisticated nutty flavour it takes on when baked or roasted, to the delicious creaminess it embodies when steamed or blended, the white cruciferous staple is packed with versatility and vitamins - particularly fibre and B-vitamins. Tuck into these delicious creamy and cheesy cauliflower recipes and give the unassuming vegetable a well-deserved centre-stage spot in your home kitchen this winter… Cauliflower baked in the oven Simple but unbeatable, this baked cheesy cauliflower recipe lets the vegetables do the talking. With a delicious selection of seasonings and the perfect cooking technique in your NEFF oven, you’ll be left with a new family favourite. The recipe uses added steam which means there is no need to par-boil your cauliflower. Simply put all your ingredients on one tray and let your oven do the work for you. The perfect salad ingredient Roasted cauliflower makes a great addition to a salad, especially in autumn and winter where a plate of leafy greens may not feel so inviting. This pumpkin, quinoa and pomegranate salad incorporates roasted cauliflower florets for a nutty, warming addition. Soup up your soups Add steamed cauliflower to your warm winter soups and blend fully to give them a light yet creamy consistency. The soft and creamy nature of the cauliflower will help bulk up your recipe with creamy textures and loads of nutrients - without ruining the flavour profile of your original recipe. Try adding half a cauliflower head to the NEFF pumpkin soup recipe. Cauliflower mac and cheese There’s nothing like a hearty comfort meal on a cold winter’s evening. But we can’t quite live on mac and cheese alone until the spring comes… Give your family favourites an indulgent, nutrient-rich makeover by replacing the pasta element with seasoned cauliflower. You can even go half pasta and half cauliflower to sneak those veggies in - great for fussy eaters who don’t like vegetables. Have you tried making cauliflower pizza bases? Gluten-free home cooks around the world will know this trick well - replace your flour with chopped cauliflower and you can make a delicious pizza base that pairs perfectly with a selection of toppings and cheeses. And it’s super simple to make - simply combine cauliflower with eggs, cheese and seasoning in a food processor for a melt-in-your-mouth crust.  

Edible Christmas gifts you can make at home

Christmas is a time for giving. But shopping centres can be a nightmare at this time of the year, and it can be difficult to find a gift that tells your loved ones just how much they mean to you. So instead of spending a fortune on presents that end up at the back of the cupboard, why not try these delicious edible gifts. Making them is a great way to get the kids to participate in the festive season while teaching them some valuable new skills in the kitchen.   Here are our favourite edible gifts to whip up this Christmas:  Gingerbread Gingerbread is the ultimate festive gift for your friends with a sweet tooth. From simple Christmas trees to decadent houses, complete with candy cane windows and tim-tam doors, there are a number of ways you can decorate your gift before putting it under the tree. Try this NEFF recipe to seriously impress your friends this festive season.    Infused Olive Oil Do you have a friend that’s trying to take their home cooking to the next level? Then look no further than this collection of tasty olive oil infusions that will give your dishes a little bit of extra sparkle. Loaded with everything from chilli to thyme, these are sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.  Take a look at the NEFF recipe here.   Shortbread Coming from Scotland, but loved across the globe, these rich and buttery treats are the perfect dessert to give to your family and friends this Christmas. You can parcel them individually or pack them in a hamper for an edible Christmas gift everyone will love.    Take your pick from our range of shortbread recipes below.   Christmas Shortbread  Caramel Filled Shortbread  Gluten Free Dipped Orange Shortbread  Strawberry Jam Whether it’s a picnic or a tea party, it’s always good to have a jar of home-made strawberry jam on hand when you are entertaining guests. So why not have a go at this Australian classic, perfect for scones or sponge cake treats. With just three ingredients, strawberry jam is an easy edible Christmas gift to make with the kids. We’ve got the perfect summer recipe right here. Macarons You can bring a little bit of France to your Australian celebration with these chocolate macarons made from almond meal and icing sugar. Your friends will adore the sweetness of the chocolate as it contrasts with the spicy kick of chilli ganache. If you want to put your culinary skills to the test this festive season, check out the NEFF recipe here. Sourdough bread 2020 has been the year of baking bread and boy, have we loved it! The best thing about this is that everyone loves bread so you literally can’t go wrong. Use the Dough Providing function on your NEFF oven to make sure your bread comes out perfect.    Click here for the recipe.   Almond, White Chocolate and Cranberry  Biscotti   Bring a touch of Italy to your friend’s Christmas this year with Italian Biscotti. This gift not only tastes delicious but it lasts forever, so your friends can enjoy this for days after Christmas. Hot tip: double the recipe’s ingredients and you’ll have enough for at least 4 friends.   Take a look at the recipe here.   Hot chocolate in a jar Australians might not have the white Christmas most of the world enjoys, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate a steaming mug of hot chocolate. These pre-made hot chocolate mixes are great to have in the pantry and will be a welcome addition to any camping trip. To make these fantastic gifts, start with clean lidded jars that can hold about 500ml or 16oz. In separate bowls, measure out 3/4 cup cocoa powder, 3/4 cup caster sugar and 1 cup powdered full cream milk (can also be made with non-dairy and low fat powdered milks, but full cream works the best for a deliciously creamy end result). Layer the dry ingredients into your jars and top with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Seal your jar and tie with festive ribbon. For the instructions, simply remove the marshmallows, mix all the dry ingredients and add hot water. Stir to combine and add in your marshmallows before enjoying. A single jar should have at least two servings inside depending on your appetite.