A steaming cup of coffee can turn any mundane day into a good one. So why not extend the ingredient’s influence into your other culinary explorations too?

Espresso, ristretto, cappucino, latte, iced coffee and that infamous flat white – humanity’s caffeined addiction has made an entire global industry out of a little dark bean. But the bittersweet ingredient shouldn’t be restricted to its steaming liquid form – coffee can turn many dishes into a complex, tender and flavourful affair.

What’s so cool about coffee?

Apart from adding wonderful depth of flavour and intensity to recipes, coffee is also packed with health benefits and tenderising properties. In moderation, the beans provide vitamins and antioxidants, plus mood-enhancing and energy boosting elements – enough of a kick to keep you going no matter what’s weighing you down. And most importantly, they’re delicious.

Why not experiment with a collection of our favourite coffee recipes from around the NEFF kitchen – sweet, savoury and somewhere in between:

Coffee spiced pulled pork sliders

There’s nothing like a slow-cooked pork shoulder – easily achieved with a VarioSteam oven and made even more delicious by the coffee spice in this recipe. Paired with delicious brioche buns and a light and creamy slaw, these pick-me-up sliders are sure to keep any party on their toes (and keep them coming back for more).

Click here for the recipe.

Coffee-rubbed rib eye

In this impressive yet simple recipe, coffee grounds are combined with paprika, chilli, sugar and a mix of mustard, ginger and herbs to bring a layer of exotic complexity to the meat that will impress even the most sophisticated palate. The coffee also helps to tenderise the cut even further, making this a melt-in-your-mouth recipe that any home foodie should have up their sleeve.

Click here for the recipe.


Coffee roulade with coffee cream

Once the main course is over, coffee still shines as an ingredient in some of our favourite desserts. This quick and easy roulade takes less than 30 minutes to whip up in your CircoTherm oven, creating a light and fluffy spoonful of dark coffee complexity hidden inside a sweet creamy sponge.

Click here for the recipe.

Nutella and coffee scrolls

Coffee has the uncanny ability to make chocolate taste even more like chocolate – the dark bitterness seems to enhance the sweet cocoa profile and leave a rich and delectable flavour on your tastebuds. Why not put that theory to the test in this classic Nutella scroll recipe, laced with coffee and served best with a steaming flat white.

Click here for the recipe.

Need a great machine to turn your coffee beans into your favourite hot drink?

NEFF’s Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine could do the trick. It has a OneTouch function which means you can make any of coffee or milk speciality at the touch of a button. You can even make two at a time!

Whether it’s a long machiatto or a cappuccino, we all like our coffee made a certain way. The NEFF Coffee Machine will remember up to eight of your favourite beverages all saved with their setting under your personal name, so it has an even better memory than your local barista.

And if you don’t like cleaning up, you can rejoice in its fully automatic steam cleaning function that kicks in after ever beverage so your milk system is always clean and ready for your next steaming hot latte. Click here to learn more about the NEFF coffee machine.

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