Step aside World’s 50 Best Restaurants! It’s time to celebrate the real heroes of the kitchen!


It’s time to give home cooks the recognition they deserve so we’re giving away up to $25,000 worth of prizes to Australia’s best home cooks!

This week, the best chefs from around the world arrived in Australia for a week-long celebration of the most prestigious food event on the culinary calendar, The World’s 50 Best Restaurants!

From their foams and liquid nitrogen to their mandarins that taste like burgers and desserts that look like they need a glass case with a sign reading “please don’t touch”, these avant garde culinary superheroes have taken the age old tradition of making a meal and created an experience that transcends the simple act of dining out, morphing it into an experience that’s equal parts art, performance and entertainment.

Last night, we celebrated their achievements in bringing us the World’s 50 Best Restaurants – including three of our very own world class chefs – Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef of Quay in Sydney who came in at 95th place and Melbourne chefs Ben Shewry of Attica and Dan Hunter of Brae who ranked 32nd and 44th respectively.

Whilst dining at one of the world’s best restaurants can be quite the experience, it can also be a little hard to swallow at times. After all, there’s only so much ‘foam’ or ‘dirt’ a person can handle. Sometimes all we really want is a good home cooked meal!

Every day, millions of Australian’s are quietly creating good, wholesome home cooked meals for their family and friends in their own homes. It’s those people who are the real heroes of the culinary world and we think it’s time to give them the recognition they deserve!

NEFF’s 50 Best Home Cooks competition is exactly that! A competition celebrating the people who bring joy to their loved ones through a good home cooked meal, every day. For us, it’s home cooks that create the strongest food memories. It’s not the fine dining occasions, but instead the meals that we share with friends and family that are the ones we remember so fondly. It’s the classic meals that our parents or grandparents cooked for us that linger in our minds and that bring up waves of emotions when tasted, even years later.

So at a time when all focus and praise is on the big end of town, we thought it was time to sing a few praises for this country’s unsung heroes, our amazing home cooks that have been perfecting their passion for cooking everyday with dishes that are full of heart, soul and history. To do that, we’re hosting a competition that is just for them.

Throughout the month of April, NEFF is searching for Australia’s 50 best home cooks. So if you love cooking, then keep reading for your chance to win!

To enter, all you have to do is take a photo of your favourite home cooked meal and upload it to theneffkitchen.com.au/50BestHomeCooks. The winners are chosen by public vote so make sure you share your entry link via Facebook, email or sms so your friends can vote for you!

If you’re voted in the Top 50, you’ll receive a $100 Mount Zero Olives voucher and if you’re lucky enough to come in at 1st place, you’ll receive an exclusive four day luxury escape to Post Office Lane, Crackenback, NSW as well as new NEFF appliances of your choice up to the value of $5,999. Second and third place will also both receive NEFF appliances of their choice up to the value of $5,999.

So what are you waiting for home cooks! Do what you do best and enter NEFF’s 50 Best Home Cooks Competition to finally get the recognition you so rightly deserve!


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