6 flour substitutes that taste just as good as the regular stuff


Looking for a flour alternative for your baking addiction? Then it’s time to try these options.

Look back to ten years ago and all-purpose flour was the only option for bakers. But these days there are countless options on offer. Just walk down the supermarket aisle and you will see numerous options that cater for every diet, from gluten free to paleo.

How are alternative flours made?

Flour substitutes are typically made from a range of ingredients including almonds, coconuts and beans that are ground up to resemble the texture and consistency of flour. Each type has a unique consistency, flavour profile and nutritional benefits. Here are six alternative flour options that every home chef should try at least once in their life.

Banana Flour

Yes, you read that right. Banana flour is a great low calorie and gluten free alternative to regular flour. It’s made by milling dehydrated green bananas that results in a dense flour, that’s high in starch. When using it for your favourite recipes, we recommend reducing the amount of flour by approximately 50% for fluffy baked goods to remove the overwhelming taste of banana.

Coconut Flour

Looking for something high in protein, fibre and fat? Why not try coconut flour. Made from dried coconut meat, it can create a number of moist and fragrant desserts with that coconut flavour you know and love. Beware that coconut flour is extremely absorbent, meaning it should be used in lower quantities than standard recipes.

Chickpea Flour

Even your dietician will recommend chickpea flour. It’s the most nutrient dense alternative flour variety, loaded with protein, fibre and several other micronutrients. It’s known for binding well, perfect for baking bread, muffins and cakes. Interestingly, it’s sweet and nutty flavour works well in savoury and sweet dishes so it’s a great all rounder to have in your pantry.

Oat Flour

You guessed it, oat flour is made by grinding up the same oats that you use to make your morning oatmeal. As a result, it’s easy to make this flour at home and is far cheaper than the store-bought version. Again, you’ll be adding a whole lot more protein and fibre to your diet which is great when you’re wanting to add some additional nutrients to your favourite NEFF recipes.

Almond Flour

There’s a lot to love about almond flour. It makes gluten free eating possible and is a smart choice for those who are following a low-carb diet. It also has good protein, fibre and fat which you can add to whatever you are baking.

Potato Flour

Let’s not forget about potato flour. Made from whole potatos, it absorbs a lot of liquid and has a strong potato flavour, so it’s best used in savoury bread and pizza bases. Looking for a great pizza dough recipe? Here’s one we prepared earlier.

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