Alternatives to traditional meat pie that you can try this Australia Day


Celebrate our national day with a twist on an old favourite

Australia day is a time to appreciate our beautiful country, relax and enjoy delicious food with family and friends. While this typically takes place around a BBQ, there is one dish that often gets forgotten, the classic meat pie. Enjoyed at the footy, on a road-trip or just when you need a quick lunch on the run, a meat pie is one of the nation’s most iconic savoury meals.

This year, we’d like to encourage you to think outside the box with your Australia Day menu by firing up the oven and whipping up a hearty meat pie, from scratch. The smell of the comforting meal cooking in the oven is sure to get all your guests excited.

Here are some of our favourite pie recipes from around The NEFF Kitchen.

Beef and mushroom pie

A beef and mushroom pie is the ultimate crowd pleaser with tender pieces of beef and mushroom that will melt in your mouth. The trick to getting a nice flakey pastry is your NEFF oven. Preheat it on Circotherm at 200 degrees and bake the pie for 25-30 minutes, or until golden brown. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Mini meat pies

Looking for a smaller finger food option? Our mini meat pies will do the trick. They are mouth-watering and convenient, ensuring your guests have room for all the other tasty treats you have prepared on Australia Day. Just make sure you have tomato sauce on hand for those who like to smother a meat pie in the condiment. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Chicken and mushroom pie

If you really want to stand out on Australia Day, why not mix it up with a chicken and mushroom pie? This is an easy and delicious option that will make your guests come back for seconds and thirds. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Spinach and feta pie

Need to cater for vegetarians this Australia Day? They shouldn’t miss out on the delightful flavours of Australia’s past. So, put a twist on the dish with a meat-free option such as a spinach and feta pie that’s high in iron and tastes great too. Click here for the recipe.

The trick to the perfect pie

When it comes to perfecting your pie, it’s important to get the crust right. The buttery and flakey case is what brings all the ingredients together for a truly amazing culinary experience. Undercook your pastry and you will loose that buttery texture we’ve all come to know and love. Too much heat and your dough will become stick and loose it’s form.

Here are our tips to ensure you get it right:

  • Ensure your pastry is kept at room temperature
  • Brush the surface with an egg before baking to give your pastry a golden finish
  • Try NEFF’s top and bottom oven function to ensure heat is distributed evenly on both sides of the dish.
  • Use CircoTherm to give your pies and pastries an even, consistent heat through cooking time.

Looking for more Australia Day Inspiration? Click here to check out our guide on putting on a great Australia Day feast.

And if you need a NEFF oven to help you bring your Australia Day menu to life, check out our range of cooking appliances by clicking here.

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