Banana Bread variations that will make your standard recipe even better


Tired of being tied down to the classics? We’ve found some modern takes on everyone’s favourite banana bread recipe – some of which are better than the original!  

Some people are devastated when they look at their fruit bowl and see that their bananas have turned from a crisp yellow to a blackened brown. But home cooks jump for joy! It’s the perfect excuse to get the mixer out of the cupboard and whip up your favourite banana bread recipe.

The secret is having a reliable go-to recipe that you can count on, and then adding a few ingredients to spice up the family favourite. Here are some wild ideas that will turn your boring banana bread into a hit:


Running low on antioxidants? Why not add some extra fruity flavours to your cake mix? Chopped strawberries and blueberries are great breakfast additions, while citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and limes will cut through the sweetness and add some bite. Don’t be afraid to reach for frozen fruit when baking, however make sure you let your ingredients thaw before adding to your mixture. Check out NEFF’s banana and raspberry recipe here.


Sometimes all your banana bread needs is a little crunch. The contrasting textures will add some character to your loaf, so stock up on some nutty flavours next time your bananas start to ripen. While walnuts are often featured in banana bread recipes, more adventurous varieties such as pecans and macadamia nuts can also be sprinkled on top for decoration or stirred through the mixture.


Have you ever tried spicing up your banana bread with actual spices? These effervescent flavours will give your banana bread an extra kick, making it memorable without requiring an extra trip to the supermarket. Fox and Briar have combined cinnamon and nutmeg in a spiced banana cake recipe – perfect as the weather begins to cool down and we start craving warm baked goods.


Whether you like rich dark chocolate loaded with cocoa or milk chocolate that will make your banana bread extra sweet, you can’t go wrong by adding some confectionary to the mix. If you’re a chocoholic who can’t get enough of the treat, try swirling ½ a cup of Nutella through the batter or going over the top with melty chocolate chips. It’s a game changer.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shape either. From mini muffins to upside down cakes, the different structures will provide a completely different sensory experience!

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