3 Ways to boost your entry in our 50 Best Home Cooks competition


Three tips to help your 50 Best Home Cooks entry stand out from the crowd this year.

The NEFF Kitchen is a place of discovery. It’s where everyday Australians use their appliances to create culinary masterpieces for their family and friends to enjoy. Made with love, these delicious meals keep people coming back for seconds and thirds.

Weather it’s spinach and ricotta cannelloni or a steamed vanilla layer cake, we all have a secret recipe that guests adore. And it’s time that dish was recognised for the show stopper it really is. So, dust off your apron, pull out your camera and submit your entry to NEFF’s 50 Best Home Cooks competition.

With a chance to win over $25,000 worth in prizes you would be crazy not to put your best dish forward, so here are three simple tips to boost your entry to this year’s 50 Best Home Cooks Competition.

Channel your inner photographer

Unfortunately, we can’t try your dish. This means you need to make it look as amazing as it tastes. The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional food photographer to make us drool. And with today’s technology, you can take a beautiful photo using your smartphone.

Our biggest tip? Try using natural light when possible. And if you have shaky hands a tripod can help your photos come out nice and sharp so we can really see the details.

From styling your food with leafy greens to using natural lighting, small touches can make a big difference. Click here to check out Australian food blogger, Sneh Roy’s tips for taking award winning food photographs.

Research trends so you can put a twist on a classic dish

NEFF’s 50 Best Home Cooks are decided by public vote which means everyone has an equal chance of taking the crown. But voting is limited to one vote per person which means your dish needs to stand out against the crowd. The best way to do that is to research food trends and try something a little different, that you might not find in a regular cook book. From a Cherry Ripe Layer Cake to Hasselback Pumpkin Salad, you can be as creative, wild and passionate as you like. And the best part is that you can explain the story behind the dish in it’s description which will make it even more compelling to voters.

Share your submission far and wide

When you submit your entry to our 50 Best Home Cooks competition, you will receive a URL that you can share with your family and friends via Facebook or email. This link will take them to your entry page where they can see a photo of your meal and a short description of why you love cooking the dish.

The more people that cast a vote, the better, so you can also share the article in local and special interest community groups. Don’t be afraid to post it more than once, in the lead up 3rd July 2019 when voting closes.

Good luck!

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