Christmas gift ideas for people who love cooking


Bonus: you might get a nice meal out of it.

We all have a friend who loves cooking. So, we’ve put together a list of interesting gift ideas that will make your foodie friends squeal with excitement (including edible gifts to fuel their culinary adventures).

A set of Gewurzhaus spice blends

Gewurzhaus offers more than 350 single-origin spices, herbs, sugars and teas from around the world. This includes 100 unique small batch blends made using whole ingredients that any home-cook will love. The team have stores across Melbourne, inspiring home chefs to create new recipes and traditions that will be cherished for many generations to come. So, jump online or visit a store to buy a gift that will turn a simple meal into a fragrant and flavoursome delight. Click here to check out their range of spice blends. Our top pick is the spice rack salt.

Le Creuset Casserol Dish

Every home chef dreams of owning a Le Creuset casserole dish. Its wide and deep base, makes it ideal for creating a range of hearty dishes that the whole family will love at any time of the year. Le Creuset products come with a lifetime warranty. And the casseroles come in a range of bright colours, so you can personalise it to your friend’s unique taste. Click here to check out Le Creuset’s low round casserole dish, that will help your friend create the perfect risotto or roast.

Personalised aprons

A personalised apron is one thing every home-chef wants but can never justify buying for themselves. Help your friend stand out with a customised cooking kit that will make them look the part while also protecting their clothes from splattering sauces and oils they may encounter while cooking up a storm this summer. You can check out Etsy to find a design as unique as your friend, while supporting local artists who are doing what they love.

Edible gifts

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a homemade gift. So, instead of spending a fortune on presents at the shopping centre, why not fire up the oven and make something at home. From strawberry jam to chilli infused olive oil, there are plenty of edible gifts that you can easily create and adorn with festive decorations. These can be used to fuel your friend’s culinary imagination. Click here for more edible Christmas gift ideas every foodie will love.

Cooking accessories

A good home-cook needs the best tools in their arsenal. From fry pans to a baking stone, there are plenty of NEFF accessories that will help them prepare mouth watering food – whether it’s a four course dinner or a dessert they can’t get enough of. Need some inspiration? Click here to check out our pizza stone that’s ideal for baking bread, making pizza and cooking frozen food. And if you’re looking for a cooktop accessory, try our fry pan that fits on all cooktops and will fill your friends with joy this Christmas.

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