Entertaining ideas for New Years Eve


Master your New Years Eve party with these top tips. Is it a sit down dinner, or a stand up cocktail party? How will you decorate? What’s the main meal? Start preparing now…

In all the rush to plan for Christmas, there’s often one thing that gets forgotten: the New Years Eve party. When that clock strikes twelve, you want to be fully in the moment, not stressing about something you left in the oven, or a lack of decorations overhead.

Get on top of your to-do list with these entertaining ideas and things to keep in mind for your end of year festivities:

Sit-down dinner, or cocktail party?

At the end of a big year, guests are often in one of two moods: ready to get up and celebrate, or desperate for a peaceful night of reflection. Choose your approach wisely, and start planning your menu and decorations around that.

Throwing a cocktail party? Maybe some light canapes would work best. If it’s a sit-down dinner, big shared meals and centrepieces might be more effective.

Your midnight menu

If you’ve got a theme for your evening, this part might be easy. Perhaps it’s classic Australian cuisine, a light summer menu or an Asian extravaganza. If you’re not too fussed about a theme, be sure browse our recipe collection, or follow the NEFF New Years Eve menu. And don’t forget to head over to the supermarket to stock up on ingredients before the public holidays arrive.

Use your Christmas leftovers

If you’ve got leftover meat in the freezer, drinks in the fridge or sweet treats in the pantry, don’t let them go to waste. From quiches to boozy smoothies, here are some ideas for putting your Christmas leftovers to good use. Otherwise, find creative ways to use up your kitchen supplies so you can start fresh next year.

Have you planned your décor?

A good home-cooked party spread doesn’t need glitter or fanfare to make an impact. But it certainly can’t harm you to include a bit of visual flair. As we’re approaching 2020, perhaps a Gatsby-themed roaring 20s party would go down a treat. Plate your meals elegantly, bring in some summer blooms from the garden and make sure you’ve got a playlist worth seeing out the year to.

Don’t forget the bubbles

There’s nothing better than a glass of champagne for when the countdown begins. Unless your guests are bringing their own drinks, it’s important to make sure you’ve got plenty of options on hand for the final toast  and it gives you a chance to pair your meals with whatever drinks you like. Oysters and Brut? Cheesecake with an Apple and Hibiscus cocktail? And don’t forget your bloody mary recipe for New Years Day.

Your NEFF appliances can help

Cooking for a crowd can be stressful. Don’t forget to make the most of your NEFF features to make the perfect  spread a whole lot easier. Cook multiple dishes at the same time with Circotherm, keep an eye on your meat temperature with the Multipoint MeatProbe and NEFF’s automatic programs can do some of the cooking for you.

Want to learn some new tricks before the festive rush? Come along to one of our free product demonstrations for a NEFF masterclass.

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