Family dinner ideas for every night of the week


You don’t have to plan dinner this week, NEFF has you covered.

The kitchen is the heart of the home — not only because it’s where we nurture families from but also because it’s where we dish out the love.

A family that dines together binds together. Whether it’s the classic dinner table gathering or a less formal chow down in front of the TV, sharing a meal is the keystone practice of many good family relationships.

We know there’s pressure to produce something tasty and imaginative, so we’re looking to alleviate it with a week-long menu. This family dinner cheat sheet will give your fam a fun and varied dining experience. It’ll even make the grocery shop easier, just jot down the ingredients.

And yes, there will be leftovers for lunch the next day.

Monday: Three Cheese Mushroom Lasagne

Get into the spirit of meat-free Mondays with this filling lasagne. Made with mushrooms and three different cheeses, it provides all of your savoury needs. We advise using scarmorza (a form of mozzarella), ricotta salata (a hard cheese like parmesan) and feta, but you can experiment with the cheeses. Same goes for mushrooms, but be sure to include a healthy amount of porcini mushrooms for their meaty taste.

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Tuesday: Chicken Korma Curry

After a trip to Italy, make a beeline for India with this beloved export. Cooking on NEFF Induction will give ultimate control over even heat when cooking, and keep you on track for the 30min cooking time. Continue to stir throughout for creamy dispersion and add birdseye chilli to taste. Serve with basmati or warm naan.

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Winter Meal Prep

Wednesday: Oven Baked Prawn and Chorizo Paella

Don’t have a gigantic paella pan? No worries. This paella is oven-baked using CircoTherm and a high level of added steam infused moisture. Pre-frying the chicken and prawn will provide varying textures. And tossing the chicken in paprika will pack every bite with flavour.

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Thursday: Cheese and Herb Crusted Fish with Pear Salad

Anyone who thinks cooking fish is tricky needs to see this recipe. With a combined prep and cook time of 35 minutes and few steps, this is an easy and no-fuss meal with presentation that will pique interests.

The main steps involve combined most ingredients in a bowl for the crumb, putting fish and crumb mix on a lined tray, and baking for fifteen minutes. Easy, right? There are a couple of minimal added steps for the salad, but nothing too complicated.

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Her Crusted Fish Recipe

Friday: Fish and Chips

Go back to back with seafood, but this time make it a guilty pleasure weeknight meal. Friday fish and chips are a staple of Aussie culture and not something we’d deprive you of — however this recipe let’s you make them yourself.

Rather than flat fillets, these dish calls for finger-food bites of fish deep-fried in batter. Chips are also a little special as they come with a paprika kick and a hint of curry. For fish, you can use whatever white-flesh fish is freshest at market, but we recommend trying barramundi.

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Saturday: Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

This easy mac and cheese option is a breeze to throw together and a hit with the whole fam. FullSteam will keep the dish from drying out or going gluggy, and finishing on grill adds much-needed crunch. Our cheesy trio includes gruyere, mozzarella, and smoked cheddar, but you’re welcome to get creative. Just make sure you have a blend of smooth and sharp.

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macaroni cheese

Sunday: Moroccan Lamb Shanks

Capping off your culinary adventure is this twist on the Sunday lamb roast. A sultry concoction of cumin, harissa, cinnamon, and saffron bring the flagrant taste of Morocco to a white wine sauce. Dates, apricots, and tomatoes then add depth, and cooking with CircoThermEco will have tender lamb falling off the bone.

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