A guide to cooking with mushrooms

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Some simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your mushrooms!

1. Use lots of different kinds

Don’t be afraid to use different mushroom varieties as some are more mild, while others are more earthy or meaty!

2. Wipe or rinse, but don’t soak

If they’re a bit soiled, wipe them down with a damp cloth or paper towel. Soaking fresh mushrooms is similar to soaking a sponge!

3. Don’t cut off too much of the stalks

You’ll be wasting it if you do! Simply cut off the tip of the stem, where it’s too hard and tough to chew.

4. Try different ways to prepare them

If mushrooms are prepared in different ways texturally, it plays a big role in how your dish looks and tastes. Use them whole, crushed, torn or sliced to create different textures.

5. Make sure your pan is nice and hot

Mushrooms themselves are full of water. A hot pan will get rid of the excess liquid stored inside them, giving them a nice brown colour.

6. Use extra oil in the pan

Mushrooms are like a sponge and absorb oil quickly, so be generous with your oil so your mushrooms don’t dry out or stick to the pan.

7. Don’t overcrowd them in the pan

If you overcrowd the pan, there won’t be enough room for the mushrooms to cook properly. The excess liquid won’t evaporate in time, resulting in steamed or stewed mushrooms and won’t give you that nice, golden finish.

8. Add aromatics near the end

Remember to let the excess liquid evaporate before adding in your aromatics like garlic and thyme so you don’t lose the flavour!

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