A guide to reusable coffee cups


It seems like every second person we see has a reusable coffee cup, so if you want to jump on the trend here are some of our favourite ways you can join in.

If you’re a regular at your local café, you’ve probably noticed a large number of people bringing their own cup. While many cafes take great pride in their branded takeaway coffee cups, it seems many Australians are choosing to forego them to make their coffee habit a bit more sustainably minded.

Those who tuned in to the ABC’s War On Waste had a rude awakening about those takeaway coffee cups. It turns out that the wax coating within the cups that makes them leak-proof also makes them unrecyclable. The result? Millions of those coffee cups are piling up in our landfill. In fact, Australians throw out one billion single-use coffee cups every year.

While their effects on the environment aren’t as great as the old-school Styrofoam cups that most of us now avoid, it’s still enough to make you rethink your coffee habit. Those of you who are already having their caffeine fix at home can also benefit from reusable cups which easily allow you to take your coffee on the go.


Our favourite reusable coffee cups

If you’re considering getting yourself a reusable coffee cup, there are lots of options available that will make your morning coffee a whole lot more sustainable.


Keep Cups

One of the most popular reusable coffee cups in the country, Keep Cups actually originated in Melbourne back in 2009. They have grown over the years to include cups made from different materials such as rubber or glass, as well as different sizes to suit every coffee order, such as a mini version for piccolo enthusiasts.


Frank Green

Another Australian company hoping to help the environment, Frank Green’s reusable cups come in a wide variety of colourways. One of the most innovative aspects of their design is the CafePay chip embedded in the lid that allows you to tap it to pay for your coffee. It syncs with an app on your phone for easy and safe transactions at participating cafes around the country.



If you find yourself dawdling while drinking your coffee, often finishing it off when it is ice cold, then you may want to invest in a Thermos to keep it hotter for longer. The insulated metal containers come in different sizes and with the option of handles to make it easier to drink while on the go.


BYO mug

There’s no rule that’s says you need to spend big bucks to invest in a reusable coffee cup when you’ve got a great array of mugs stacked on your shelf. A mug from home is a great cost-saving alternative. If you’re worried about spilling your coffee as you run around doing your errands, you can also purchase silicone coffee lids made to fit over your standard mug, effectively converting it into a takeaway cup in a flash.


Many cafes are now actively encouraging people to support the growing trend of reusable coffee cups. Some offer a mug library to their customers or sell their own cups in store, while others give a discount for those who bring their own cup. Skipping the standard takeaway coffee cup is a simple way you can start making a positive impact on the environment.

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