How to clean your NEFF induction cooktop


Cleaning up after dinner doesn’t have to be the part of your meal that you dread…

When you’re spending lots of time cooking up delicious new dishes in your home kitchen every day, the odd spills or splashes tend to add up quite quickly. Suddenly, you’ve got a dirty cooktop on your hands, and cleaning it is never going to be an exciting task.

Luckily, induction cooktops are known to be one of the easiest appliances to clean – as long as you have the right materials and tricks up your sleeve.

Use induction cooktop cleaning materials

Induction cooktops are loved for their easy wipe-down surfaces – much simpler to maintain than the nooks and crannies of a conventional cooktop. But the glass ceramic surface is a little more sensitive. To avoid scratches and stains, make sure you’ve got a suitable cleaning solution and the right kind of cloth.

Cleaning solutions like the heat-resistant NEFF ceramic and induction cooktop cleaner are designed specifically to remove even the most stubborn dirt and burnt-on stains from your cooktop or ceramic surface, without effort or marking.

Try to remove large deposits first

Did your pot boil over and leave a large mark? Gently remove any large food deposits before applying your cooktop cleaner. To get big spills off without scratching the surface, you’ll need a glass scraper – the glass ceramic surface won’t take well to steel products.

Don’t forget to use a soft cloth

After applying your cooktop cleaner, allow it to penetrate and wipe down with a soft cloth. Harsh brushes and scratchy cloths are more likely to leave marks on the smooth surface, but with a soft cloth, your induction cooktop will come away sparkling like new!

The NEFF Ceramic Cooktop Maintenance Pack comes complete with cooktop cleaner, soft cloth and all you need to keep your induction cooktop looking good.

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