Is your New Year’s resolution to improve your cooking? Book a NEFF demo to kick-start your January


The new year is racing toward us faster than you can pop your Christmas crackers and with it comes all the personal changes we want to bring into our lives.

The New Year’s resolution is a time honoured tradition, even if it rarely lasts beyond January. Turning the page on another calendar year is the perfect time to assess the growth we have experienced over the past 12 months and decide where we want to be at this time next year. For many people, this resolution will inevitably be focussed in the kitchen – whether it involves getting healthier, eating out less or simply stepping outside of our comfort zone and not cooking the same old recipes week after week.

Here are three food-related New Year’s resolutions we’re getting behind this year:

Be more adventurous

Even the best cooks in the world are at risk of falling into a routine, and even the most exciting recipes will become a bit bland if you’re making them every single week. This year it’s time to embrace your love of adventure, but move it from the great outdoors to the kitchen. Test out tricky recipes you were always a bit hesitant to attempt, try cooking with exciting new flavours or swap out ingredients to attempt a new taste sensation.

The greatest recipes and flavour combinations in the world came about from wild experimentation, so don’t be afraid to give your favourite recipes a new twist. If you’re wanting your experiments to be on the safe side, it helps to understand the theory behind the cookery. Knowing why you should always use Arborio instead of basmati in a risotto, or what steam does to your recipes will help you to make smart choices that lead to delicious results.

Cook more often

The ease of Uber Eats can be too tempting for some people, with many Australians eating out three times a week on average. For younger people in particular, making the transition from cup noodles to a scrumptious feast can seem daunting. After a hard day at work, it can be difficult to bring yourself to attempt a new recipe that could go either way, but if you follow a few simple tips you’ll begin to wonder how you ever survived on take out.

First start by planning your meals for the week in advance, taking into account the meetings, deadlines and events you know you’ll have. That way you can plan the easier meals for the nights you know you won’t want to cook. Then try doing one big shop for the week – if you have the ingredients there you’re far less likely to let it go to waste. Finally, embrace clever cooking techniques to make dinner less of a hassle. Slow cook a large amount of roast meat on Sunday when you have plenty of time, then transform your leftovers into something new like a delicious pasta sauce. That’s two delicious meals with very little effort.

Master your appliances

While the ingredients will play a big part in building flavour in your recipes, the correct cooking method will ensure you’re not ruining all your hard work as soon as it goes into your oven. Did you know that an injection of steam can make your homemade bread have a crunchy crust and a fluffy interior? Did you know that you can use CircoTherm Intensive to skip blind baking all together? Do you know how to use the meat probe so you can have a perfectly cooked roast every time?

NEFF product demonstrations are great for people who are looking to learn about new methods of cooking, such as the benefits of cooking with steam, while also discovering how new types of appliances can completely change the way you cook.

Not only do you get a chance to see how our NEFF appliances work and get all the best tips and tricks straight from the experts, but you get to taste some incredible meals that you can recreate at home.

Our January demonstrations are always busy, so book your spot now to make your New Year’s resolution a reality.

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