How to make perfect espresso martinis


If you want to serve espresso martinis at your next party, then learning how to make this popular cocktail for a crowd is a must!

Whether sipping on them at a garden wedding or as a cheeky pre-theatre drink, espresso martinis are one of Australia’s favourite cocktails.

If you’re a big enough fan of this coffee-based cocktail, then you’ve probably already perfected the art of making one for yourself. They’re a great way to kick-off or conclude a dinner party,  but many people struggle with how to make them when faced with a crowd of people.

You don’t want to be shackled to your martini shaker all night or spend your entire party churning out drinks from behind the bar, so making a batch of cocktails in advance is the perfect solution to give your party-goers the drink they really want.


Signs of a great espresso martini

The hallmark of a great espresso martini is the frothy top, thick enough to gently balance a couple of espresso beans for garnish. This is achieved by shaking the concoction vigorously until the foam forms. When you’re making this cocktail for a crowd it can seem impossible to get the same result without shaking them one by one, but rest assured we have a solution…


How to make a batch of espresso martinis

Our espresso martini recipe uses an equal amount of coffee, coffee liqueur and vodka (30ml of each for a single cocktail), with the option of adding a splash of simple syrup to smooth out the flavour. These equal ratios make multiplying your ingredients even easier because as long as you’re adding equal parts of the three components you’ll always find the flavour to your liking.

For the coffee it is best to use freshly brewed espresso. If you don’t have a coffee machine and will be using a percolator or French press, be sure to remove all the coffee grounds before adding to your alcohol.

The alcohol will be the next ingredients you’ll need: coffee liqueur and vodka. The most popular options for coffee liqueur are generally Kahlua or Tia Maria, but any type will work. When selecting your vodka there is no hard and fast rule, it really comes down to your own personal taste and budget. But with cocktails as simple as this you need quality ingredients to make them sing, so don’t just reach for whatever is cheapest.


How to make espresso martinis for 20 people:

600ml coffee

600ml coffee liqueur

600ml vodka

Optional: 30ml simple syrup

Add equal parts of coffee, liqueur and vodka to your serving jug. Use quick pulses with a stick blender to combine the ingredients and create the froth. This is best done right before serving to preserving the froth for as long as possible. Alternatively, you can combine all the ingredients in a blender, do a few quick pulses and then pour into serving glasses straight away with the classic espresso martini foam on top.


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