5 ways to transform your midweek meals into an indulgent feast


In the midst of a busy week, it can be hard to feel adventurous or creative in the kitchen. But there’s no reason your mid-week meals need to feel rushed and boring. With these simple tricks you’ll transform even the easiest recipe into something memorable.

Weeknights can be tricky to navigate, but whether yours are packed with commuter traffic or stacked with the kids’ extracurricular activities, we believe our NEFF community should never have to compromise in the kitchen.

Here are five easy ideas to transform your midweek meals and trick yourself into believing it’s still the weekend. After all, we all need a little indulgence to see us through.

Dress it up

The midweek salad is an easy and healthy option, but lettuce rarely packs a punch alone. Our zingy pistachio dressing can be made in a matter of minutes with just a handful of ingredients and your trusty food processor, and will revitalise a sorry salad immediately. Get the recipe and check out our ideas for other simple salad dressings.

Use your loaf

It’s a common myth that homemade bread is a labour of love, but there are plenty of surprisingly quick and easy options that make the perfect partners for soups, salads and wiping up those last drizzles of sauce. Plus, with NEFF’s CircoTherm ® technology, you can bake bread at the same time as you roast, toast and bubble without the flavours intermingling. Talk about efficient! Try NEFF Home Economist and Chef Fransje’s quick cheesy pull-apart bread for a loaf the whole family will love.

Dish up a dessert

Nothing says indulgence like a midweek dessert, but not all homemade sweet treats involve putting in the hard yards! Make fruit the star of the show with our quick and easy berry-based desserts – all take less than 5 minutes to prepare (and devour!).

Make it pretty

Spending a few minutes on presentation is a quick way to give a midweek meal the Michelin star treatment. Dishing up onto neutral coloured plates, adding a touch of colour through the use of flowers, seeds and textural ingredients, and serving your food with ambient lighting can all make a big deal out of an average meal. Get more styling and food photography tips from top Aussie food blogger Sneh Roy.

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