Our favourite NEFF cooktop accessories


Get by with a little help (and inspiration) from these state-of-the-art cooktop accessories.

Sure, there is a lot you can do with a good pot on a best-in-class cooktop. But are you making the most of your appliance? Whether you’ve got an induction or a gas cooktop, there are various accessories that can help take your home cooking to the next level.

From BBQ-style griddle plates designed to sit on top of your induction cooktop, to cookware that will make every stir, flip and simmer more enjoyable, these are our favourite cooktop accessories from around the NEFF kitchen, and some inspiration for how you can put them to delicious use today:

BBQ-style griddle plate

For those colder nights when stoking a BBQ fire is not an ideal way to spend your evening, this grill plate is designed for indoor use only – whilst still giving your meat and vegetables that authentic striped griddle pattern. Suitable for NEFF flexInduction cooktops, the cast iron plate will give your char-grilled Moreton Bay bugs a new life in no time.

Teppanyaki grill plate

Bring the vibrant art of ancient Japanese cooking home back to your own kitchen with this iron griddle, designed specifically to sit on top of your NEFF flexInduction hob. From sophisticated seafood dishes to flavoursome noodles, you’ll be able to whip up authentic and easy teppanyaki meals the traditional way, without a fuss. Try out this popular recipe for grilled scallops with buttered garlic to get started.

Simmer plate

Finding the right temperate for a slow simmer can be a complicated task – even on the most advanced cooktops. A bit too hot, and your delicious slow-cooked curry might boil over. Not enough heat, and you’re left with a chilly broth. This simmer plate is designed to funnel the flames from your gas cooktop in a more regulated fashion to the pot above, giving an even, reliable heat to your simmering meal.

Fry Pan

Our FrySensor feature of the NEFF flexInduction cooktop can help you control the heat in your pan for perfectly cooked meals without the guesswork. With five heat settings that allow you to cook everything from pancakes to steaks, this feature was designed to work with our Fry Pan to regulate the heat throughout your cooking process.



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