4 flipping great pancake recipes


Learning how to make pancakes has become a family tradition in home kitchens around the world – easy for the kids to get involved, yet still full of flavours loved by adults.

There are few experiences as satisfying as successfully flipping a pancake. Perfecting the graceful turnover is an art unto itself, passed down through generations with great frustration (and often hilarious memories). Luckily, even a failed attempt still holds the delicious reward of sweet, light, and ever-so-sophisticated flavours.

Whether you’re a fan of classic cinnamon, sugar and lemon, or are looking for a more sophisticated option, we’ve collected our favourite pancake recipes from around the world. Butter the pans, turn the heat up and start practising that flipping:

The perfect pancake recipe

No need to get complicated with this fool-proof recipe – perfect for a quick breakfast or afternoon tea with your family. This classic pancake recipe is one the NEFF kitchen swears by, especially when topped with a delicious warm cinnamon butter, and garnished with fresh berries or seasonal fruit.

Spiced pumpkin pancakes

These pumpkin pancakes are perfect for an autumnal family breakfast – drizzled with nutty maple syrup and packed with the warm flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and pumpkin. Little ones will love the orange hue, while adults will be begging for more of those complex, spiced, buttery flavours.

Coconut caramel pancakes

Celebrate the last of the summer days with these coconut pancakes – a rich treat topped with an optional sweet caramel banana and lime garnish. This recipe calls for desiccated coconut, and a splash of coconut milk, heralding the scents and sounds of a remote tropical island – with all the comfort of home.

Customise your own

The best thing about our favourite pancake recipe? You can customise it for each member of your family. While the pancake is cooking, sprinkle over fresh blueberries or sweet chocolate chips. Want something more suprising? Pre-freeze discs of Nutella, place on top of your pancake in the pan and top with more pancake batter. The result? Deliciously gooey Nutella pancakes.

Cooking your pancakes to perfection

With a little bit of help from the NEFF Flameselectâ gas cooktop we’ve made it easy to make perfect pancakes. With 9 individual power settings, you’ve got plenty of heat settings to choose from. We’d recommend heating your frying pan with 1 teaspoon of butter on level 7 for two minutes. Then turn your cooktop down to FlameSelect level 3 and cook our pancakes for 60 – 80 seconds on each side.

Using an induction cooktop? Don’t worry! You can still achieve delicious pancakes. Simply cook your pancakes on level 5 on your NEFF induction cooktop for a consistently cooked batch.


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