Good things come to those who wait – except when it comes to these quick, delicious and healthy mid-week meals…

Although the spring days are getting longer, it can still be hard to find enough hours in a day to prepare good, healthy meals for you and your family. Sometimes after a long day at work, you might be craving a delicious dinner but can’t bring yourself to actually make it. Even the most enthusiastic cook occasionally finds themselves feeling a little bit too tired to make the elaborate meal they had planned.

Quick and easy mid-week meals

Often, we assume that good home-cooking requires hours spent slaving over the stove. But here in the NEFF kitchen, we’ve got a few quick tricks up our sleeves. These easy mid-week meals are perfect for a fast feast – and they’re good for you too:

1. Easy mid-week chicken risotto

Craving the creamy rich flavours of a warm risotto, but don’t have the time to stand and stir the pot for hours? This delicious chicken and parmesan recipe will deliver powerful flavours, smooth textures and a mid-week dose of nutrients – all in under an hour. Thanks to the NEFF steam oven there’s no need to stand at the stove stirring all night either! Click here for the NEFF recipe.

2. Quick lamb korma

There is nothing better than a spicy curry halfway through the week. And this chicken korma recipe is perfect because it takes less than half an hour to prepare! Tuck into an easy mix of healthy veggies and gentle spice, served with coconut rice.

3. Super-fast (and scrumptious) salads

A good hearty salad is probably the most versatile food group if you’re looking for a quick fix. It can be as simple as throwing a few fresh greens and raw vegetables together with an easy salad dressing. Why not try roasting some root vegetables in olive oil and rosemary, and sprinkling your favourite nuts over the top. Voila! Healthy and delicious.

4. Practical pancakes

You can’t go wrong with pancakes – no matter what time of day it is. Less than half an hour of your mid-week meal schedule will result in fluffy, sweet goodness. Leave off the cream and up the serving of fresh fruit for a healthier version. Or – if you’re feeling brave – experiment with more savoury pancakes like this pumpkin-filled recipe for an easy and fulfilling dinner.

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