Is there anything better than the light, fluffiness of a cheesecake? This Layered Ricotta and Pear cake is a vanilla-suffused slice of heaven from the Amalfi coast that will make you swoon.

The depth of flavour from the brown sugar and cooked pear blends perfectly with the lightness of the ricotta in this recipe but is an adaptable favourite. Pears might be perfect in the winter, but you might prefer stone fruit in the summer. Whatever the season, this is a deliciously versatile dessert. But ricotta is the key. Its mild taste means that it pairs well with everything from granola to spinach, moving easily between sweet and savoury.

Why use NEFF Top and Bottom Heat

This NEFF oven function is perfect for baking cakes and pastries, and works by evenly emitting heat from both above and below. This will avoid you having a burnt top and soggy bottom when making this cake.

Learn more about this oven function here.

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