Whether for guests or family, this mouth-watering mixed mushroom bruschetta recipe is the perfect starter.  

Creamy, fragrant garlic and mushrooms are an ideal textural partner for crisp, oven-toasted, olive oil-drizzled ciabatta. Our bruschetta goes that little bit further by pan frying the ciabatta—further infusing the olive oil with earthy Italian herbs for a truly tantalising entrée.  

How to maximise your mixed mushroom bruschetta: 

  • Choose your mushrooms wisely—if they’ve got a noticeable odour, are getting darker or developing dark spots, they might be at the end of their shelf life. 
  • Know what mushrooms to mix. This is largely a texture consideration – but mushrooms that soften easier like Button mushrooms, Portabello mushrooms and peeled Swiss Browns, all work well together. Enoki mushrooms and Oyster mushrooms can often be a bit chewy in larger slices. 
  • Use the right white wine: Pinot Grigio is good if you want a mellower flavour, whereas a dry sherry is good if you are going for something bolder (often used in seafood dishes and cream sauces). 
  • Level up your ciabatta. If you’re going all out and want to make your own ciabatta, it pays to remember two things: firstly the dough needs to be moist—even wet. And secondly, give it time. A longer fermentation period is essential to good ciabatta. And if you’d rather not wait, why not try some of our other crusty, homecooked bread recipes 

Ideal as an entrée—add salt and pepper to taste. Why not pair it with the white wine you have left over?