If Halloween is an excuse for anything, it’s to make everything you cook look just a little bit spooky. And these pumpkin pasties are no exception. They may seem innocent enough, but when cooked to perfection, these pumpkin-shaped, golden-brown pastries will start oozing delicious blueberry sauce through their mouth and eyes (yikes!)

The advantage of baking with a NEFF Circotherm® oven, is that is has even temperature control, meaning everything will cook as it should, from the pasties in the very back corner to the pasties at the front of your tray.

Love a Halloween treat?

Who doesn’t! Give your spooky season a more gourmet spin this year with delicious recipes from The NEFF Kitchen. They might not have the sugar content of gummi worms, but we promise they’re scarily good.

Function: CircoTherm®