The ultimate recipe for stress-free entertaining, our slow roasted beef brisket allows you to ‘set and forget’. Simply prep the night before – then let your NEFF oven do the rest!

The dry spice rub combines cumin with smoked and sweet paprika, garlic and chilli powder for depth of flavour, while coating the beef with a treacly tomato sauce allows the meat to caramelise in its final stage of roasting. Cook low and slow for 12 hours on the NEFF oven Low Temperature Cooking function (or fan forced if you do not own a NEFF oven) for tender, fall-apart meat your guests will love.

How to achieve the perfect slow roasted beef brisket: 

Turning the brisket every 3 hours in the sauce ensures even coating and cooking. 

It’s best to cook this recipe overnight. In the morning, simply refrigerate the brisket in its cooking liquid. Before reheating, remove the solidified fat. Reheat the brisket on CircoTherm at 160⁰C for 30 minutes. In the meantime, reduce the cooking liquid to a sauce-like consistency. 

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